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Ikol (Earth-616) 0002
Information-silkReal NameIkol
Information-silkAliases"Elder Self", Loki Laufeyson
Information-silkIdentityNo Dual Identity
Information-silkOccupationSpiritual adviser
Information-silkUnusual FeaturesFeathers; beak; wings
Information-silkOriginPart of Loki's essence in magpie form.
Information-silkCreatorsDouglas Braithwaite, Kieron Gillen
First Appearance
Journey into Mystery #622
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One of seven magpies who fled Asgard after its destruction by the Void, and the only one to return after journeying to several of the Nine Worlds, and much of Earth. Dying upon his arrival in Asgard and leaving a key for the newly-revived Loki, this magpie was eventually revived with part of the past Loki's essence to act as an adviser to the young Loki. Named Ikol (Loki in reverse), he left the crumbled city to return to the mystical Asgardian realm with Loki and the other Asgardians.[1]

When Loki later sought answers to his brother's imprisonment and Odin's fleeing Earth, Ikol arrived and led him to the World Tree, Yggdrasil, to seek answers from the Norns. Ikol waited until Loki returned from the tree's roots, asking if he knew what he then had to do. Loki informed him he did, but that he needed his brother's advice before actually doing so.[2]

Ikol accompanied Loki into Hel, informing Loki of the deals he'd made with Mephisto prior to his death, and coaching him on how best to manipulate the demon.[3] He later accompanied Loki and his steed, Hel Wolf to Newark for a meeting between Mephisto and Hela[4] and helped Loki trick Surtur into giving him the shadow of Surtur's Twilight Sword.[5] Accompanying Loki and his allies aboard Dark Asgard, headquarters of the Serpent[6], Ikol watched as Loki rewrote the Serpent's history, giving him a good moment in his past, and a moment of weakness when the Serpent later battled Thor. After Dark Asgard's destruction, Ikol returned to the branch he'd started his journey from and thought on the differences between the old Loki and the new.[6]

At some point, Ikol accompanied Loki to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, to assist in stealing the Screaming Idol. While there, Loki was invited to join the Young Masters, within whom Ikol and Loki saw evil, something Ikol savored.[7]

When Loki was given possession of the seven spawn of the breeding of Hel Wolf and Garm, Ikol assisted him in finding homes for them, and reflected on the mischief one could cause when giving gifts.[8]

When Loki later fell victim to dark dreams, Ikol helped him track the source of the dreams to the ruins of the Serpent's Dark Asgard[9] and fleeing alongside Loki from an arrived Daimon Hellstrom.[10] As they saved dreamer after dreamer from Nightmare, Ikol berated Loki by telling him that he was doing it Thor's way

When Dísir escaped from Mephisto, Ikol was turned into a toy bird due to a spell the elder-Loki had sold Sigurd. After the reborn Loki regained his memories, Ikol was restoured to normal and told the boy that the reason he didn't mention the spell was because he was evil.

Later, during the events of Asgardia's invasion by Surtur, Ikol was pleased by young Loki's apparent descent to evil as he betrayed Thor and turned the Warriors Three against each other. In reality, Loki was only pretending to be evil to steal the Twilight Shadow from Surtur. After giving Leah a better story and free will, Ikol disappeared. It was then revealed that only Loki could see him because he was really inside of his head.

After meeting with Ikol, the latter tells the young Loki that he asked the Teller to write his story and give the information about the fear crown to Mephisto so he could rule all hells and the only way to stop it and destroy the crown, was to destroy this incarnation of Loki and letting Ikol, his past self, take over his body and his good name. The boy asks Ikol if he never meant to change after all, to which the elder Trickster says that he wanted to change and not the child Loki. Thus, he tells the boy that he can have three conversations but cannot reveal anything.

After saying his goodbyes, young Loki finally faces his past self. He asks what will happen when his former self takes over. Elder Loki tells the boy that the fear crown was going to disappear with his death and that the future and everyone would be safe and happy. The boy tells the elder Loki that he's lying and that he (elder Loki) will never change, and while the child Loki played and changed, his elder self was just being himself and so he had lost. Then the boy picks up the magpie and eats it. As the Spirit of old Loki disappears, the young Loki says that he won and he's taken over by his elder self's copy.[11]

The new Loki, having both the feelings and memories of both his elder and younger self, damns himself for his actions claiming that he wasn't the murderer, just the murder weapon used by his original self as a backup plan, thus had no choice. Nevertheless, he is plagued with self-loathing and guilt over killing his innocent self. Just like his younger self, he tries to change into someone better than the original Loki.[12]


Ikol is considered to be the evil, adult Loki and often contrasts with his younger incarnation who, as he claimed, has a lot more heart. After taking over his innocent self, ended merging with his story, including his emotions.

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