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Servant of the Red Ghost

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Mutated by cosmic rays
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Igor was a baboon trained by the Red Ghost to be part of his mission to claim the moon for the sovjet union and mutated by the same cosmic radiation that created the Fantastic Four. On the moon, they battled the Fantastic Four, however, the three anthropoids turned against their master and he was defeated[1].

Subsequently, however, Kragoff regained the loyalty of the three simians and they fought the Fantastic Four on other occasions[2]. They were among the many menaces assembled by Doctor Doom to disrupt the wedding of Reed Richards and Susan Storm[3].

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Shapeshifting: Igor has the ability to transform himself into any shape he wants. He is limited to shapes roughly equal to his normal size. However, he can only make baboon sounds if he attempts to resemble a human or humanoid.


Igor is trained to assist in lab work and in operating spaceships. While it was originally thought the Super-Apes needed the Red Ghost’s direct control, they can now function independent of a human controller.


  • Igor is a well-trained baboon. While he now possesses the rudiments of human intelligence, his animal nature still controls his temperament.


  • Igor loves candy.[4]

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