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Information-silk Real Name
Information-silk Current Alias
Information-silk Aliases
Third Light, Girl Who Wouldn't Burn, Black Queen[1]
Information-silk Relatives
Unnamed parents (deceased);
Unnamed sister (deceased);[2]
Information-silk Affiliation
X-Men (Jean Grey School member), Jean Grey School student body; formerly Hellfire Academy (Hellions), Lights
Information-silk Alignment
Information-silk Identity
Information-silk Citizenship
Information-silk Marital Status
Information-silk Occupation
Student; formerly adventurer

Information-silk Gender
Information-silk Eyes
Blue, (right eye);Orange (left eye)
Information-silk Hair
Information-silk Unusual Features
Idie's right eye is bluish white and her left eye is redish orange.
Information-silk Origin
Information-silk Universe
Information-silk Place of Birth
Oyo, Delta State, Nigeria
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Quote1 Nobody listens to the prayers of a monster. Quote2
-- Idie Okonkwo src 
Hope Summers (Earth-616) stabilizing Idie Okonkwo (Earth-616) power with Ororo Munroe (Earth-616)
Storm and Hope stabilizing Idie's powers.
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Idie (Pronounced "Ih-Dyay") was a fourteen year-old[1] girl living with her family in Oyo, in the Delta State of Nigeria when her mutant powers manifested. She was located by the X-Men using Cerebra.[2] With the advent of her mutant abilities, Idie accidentally burned down her village and killed her family. A paramilitary group that tracked down Idie attempted to murder her, but the arrival of Hope Summers and Storm prevented the troops from harming her.[3]

The Five Lights

Idie Okonkwo (Earth-616) 002
Idie and Hope speaking en route to Tokyo.
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Idie, with no living family left, joined Hope and the other Lights as they continued to rescue the last two Lights. First traveling with Rogue, Hope and the Lights across Europe and finally to Florida while tracking Teon.[4] Later the group traveled to Tokyo, Japan to stop Kenji's rampage. Though nervous, Idie stood with Hope in defiance of Cyclops' orders.[5]

Once the Lights arrived on Utopia, Idie quietly submitted to Doctor Nemesis' tests and to Hope training.[6] Idie also quietly accompanied Hope and the other Light on their first mission to Berlin to find a new mutant.[7]


Wolverine took a liking to Idie and started to mentor her. She was at the Museum of Mutant History when the Hellfire Club attacked. Cyclops told her to "do what she thought was necessary". Idie decided it was necessary to stop them, and so killed them with her powers.[8][9]


After the events of Schism, Idie went with Wolverine to Westchester County[10] to attend Jean Grey School for Higher Learning.[11] Later on she left the school and joined the Hellfire Academy for the sole purpose of finding out who shoot Broo.[12]

Hellfire Academy

While attending Hellfire Academy, Idie caught the eye of Kade Kilgore. Kade wanted to make Idie the new Black Queen of the Hellfire Club and his girlfriend. While changing into her new Black Queen outfit, Idie asked who was the one responsible for shooting Broo. Kade replied that it was he who had shoot Broo in the head.[13] Idie then attacked Kade and attempted to escape the Hellfire Academy along side Quentin Quire and Toad.[14]

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Idie Okonkwo (Earth-616) using her powers
Idie Okonkwo using her temperature control powers
GipdacAdded by Gipdac

Idie is one of post-M-Day mutant activations. Her powers include:

  • Thermokinesis: Idie has the ability to alter temperatures around her. However, she cannot simply create heat and cold; she can only rechannel temperature.[15][16] These temperature manipulation powers results in:
    • Pyrokinesis: capable of generating flames from thin air, not requiring the consumption of oxygen or combustible objects to maintain the flames.
    • Cryokinesis: able to reduce the kinetic energy of atoms and thus reduce temperature, often used to generate ice.

That status of post-M-Day activated mutant gave her also the following characteristic:

  • Lights Bonding: The Lights were shown to be linked each other, to Hope and to the new activations, with some low level control from Hope over them. They were also affected by the suicide of Zeeshan.[17] That situation was witnessed by Transonic and Zero,[18] and later by Kitty Pryde.[19] Also, when the Sixth Light activated, all of the Lights were able to sense it.[20]



  • Idie's name is pronounced "Ih-Dyay" and not "Eye-Dee" as is commonly thought.
  • Idie's last name is likely a reference to the protagonist of Things Fall Apart Okonkwo.
  • Creators Matt Fraction and Kieron Gillen loosely based the Five Lights mutant powers on the the archetypal power-sets on the original five X-Men (with the exception of Gabriel).[23]
  • After months of cover art and promotionals depicting her hair in different styles, Idie finally changed her hair from a tight braided style into an afro in Generation Hope #8.
  • Idie's field name is labeled after Yorùbá deity Oya (Pronounced "Aw-Yah") who is the Òrìshà of the wind and all standing water bodies.

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