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Anthony Stark
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The Hulkbuster was an exoskeleton add-on to the Modular Armor designed for confrontations with the Hulk.
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Anthony Stark
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It was used when Hulk confronted Iron Man (Tony Stark) over the production of gamma bombs when part of Stane International. The two met at a production plant. Stark acknowledged that Stane had conducted many illegal and unethical operations, but explained that this news was nothing more than a smear campaign. The two were able to settle the dispute and dismantle the plant.


The armor's magno-hydraulic pseudo-musculature provided greatly enhanced strength rated at 175 tons. Sensors were adapted to focus on detecting gamma radiation. It had impact-resistant carbon composite plating and an anchoring system. As it was an add-on, the systems of the Modular Armor were still functional.


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