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Information-silk Real Name
Hubie Edge
Information-silk Current Alias
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New York City
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Information-silk Gender
Information-silk Eyes
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Information-silk Unusual Features
Roach humanoid form, wings
Information-silk Origin
Depowered Rems Mutant
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Hubie Edge was the costumed mutant known as Roach. He lost his powers but not his appearance during the Decimation. He was killed by the Ghoul.

A picture of Edge's body was sent to reporter Sally Floyd with the note "Not Enough Died".

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Roach Humanoid Form : Roact had a cockroach-like humanoid form which included wings. The full extent of his powers and the distinction between his anatomy and his costume (if he had cockroach-like eyes or a mask, etc.) is unknown.

After he lost his powers he kept his mutated form, making him a Rem (remnant).

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