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Information-silk Official Team Name
Howling Commandos
Information-silk Team Aliases
Howlers, Sergeant Fury and the Howling Commandos
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Information-silk Base of Operations
Able Company Base, England
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Information-silk Origin
US Army combat unit recruited by Sam Sawyer


Sam Sawyer a U.S. army captain, recruited select U.S. Army Rangers to his "Able" Company. Sawyer assigned Nick Fury the command of the First Attack Squad, nicknamed the "Howling Commandos"[1].

The Howling Commandos, as well as their great rivals, the Second Attack Squad (the "Maulers", led by Sgt. "Bull" McGiveney, with Cpl. "Ricketts" Johnson), and, later, Jim Morita's Nisei squad were stationed in a military base in England to fight specialized missions. These missions were located primarily, but not exclusively, in the European Theatre of World War II, eventually going as far afield as the Pacific Theatre, Africa, and, once each, in the Middle East and on the Russian front.

The Howling Commandos' earliest assignment occurred in the autumn of 1942. They were to recover British rocket scientist Dr. MacMillan from a German military base in occupied Norway. Their success brought the attention of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, who incorporated the unit into the British Army, and given the title of "Commandos".

The Howlers fought against the likes of German General Erwin Rommel[2] and inter-squad bigotry[2]. Antagonists included Baron Strucker[3][4], Captain America's nemeses Baron Zemo[5] and the Red Skull (Adolf Hitler's protégé), and other Axis villains. The Howlers encountered and fought alongside Captain America and Bucky several times throughout the war[6].

Despite being an elite squadron, they were in constant conflict with reglations due to Fury's unorthodox command style as well as their constant rivalry with McGiveney's Maulers, which caused the squad members to be thrown into the brig on many occasions[7][8].

They reunited for missions in the Korean War, where Fury received a field promotion to lieutenant, and the Vietnam War, as well as at a present-day reunion gala. Several members of the Howling Commandos have also gone on to spend various amounts of time as a member of Nick Fury's current organization SHIELD.

Howling Commandos

Howling commandos


Equipment: Standard Military issue
Transportation: Military transport as needed
Weapons: Standard Military issue


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