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Information-silk Name
Homo sapiens superior[1]
Information-silk Aliases
Mutants, Muties,[2] Children of the Atom, Gene Jokes/Genejokes,[2] Human Mutants,[citation needed] Abominations,[citation needed] Malforms,[citation needed] Earthlings,[citation needed] Freaks,[1][3] Genetic Monstrosities,[1] Mistakes of Nature, Spikes (Non-Neo[4][5] or because of the Cerebro spikes)[citation needed] Genefreaks,[3] Genejokes,[6] Genetically challenged,[7] Geeces,[7] Genetrash,[8] Genescrape,[9] Overmen,[10] Moo-tants,[11] Genetic infidels,[12] Terra-Mutants,[13] X-gene-positives[14]

Religious-related names: Spawn of Satan,[citation needed] Demons, Witchbreed,[citation needed]

Binomial names: Homo Superior,[16] Homo superior, homo superior,[17] homo superior,[16] homo-superior,[18] Homo-Superior,[3][19] Homo inferior,[20] Homo Detritus,[21] Homo Mutandis,[22] Homo mutatis[23]
Information-silk Identity
Information-silk Affiliation
Representatives among the X-Men, Avengers and Brotherhoods.
Information-silk Universe
Information-silk Base Of Operations
Earth, primarily and Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, but also New York City and other locales; formerly Utopia and Genosha
Information-silk Body Type
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See main entry
Information-silk Origin
A Homo sapien superior (also known as "mutant") is a being born with a genetic anomaly that grants them an extra-normal ability not possessed by normal humans. This anomaly is known as the "X-Factor" or "X-Gene."
Information-silk Star System Of Origin
Information-silk Home Planet
Quote1 We're mutants. Born different from baseline humanity, with an enhanced genome that gives us super-powers. You piss us off at your peril. Quote2
-- Shadowcat


Please soon find here the full article on the Mutant History.


Human mutants (or Homo sapiens superior) were created by a star-faring race of humanoid aliens called the "Celestials". Approximately one million years ago, these beings came to Earth and performed various genetic tests and experiments on Earth's highest lifeforms, the nascent human being. To test the versatility of human genes they implanted strands of a dormant DNA complex which would one day permit uncanny mutations of the enormous scope in humanity.[citation needed] The abilities granted by the presence of this X-Gene can be minuscule to god-like, as evidenced by the great variety of powers exhibited by the many well known mutants of Earth. For example, many of the X-Men, and former members of the Brotherhood of Mutants are quite powerful, while others possess seemingly trivial abilities.

Ancient Times

The first recorded human mutant on Earth was Selene, known to have been active during the Hyborean Age (roughly 14,000 BC to 10,000 BC). En Sabah Nur followed millennia later, born in 30th Century BC Egypt and Garbha-Hsien in the Ho-Lo Shan Mountains of Northern Mongolia, China later still. During the time in which Apocalypse went into hibernation, only a handful of mutants emerged, including Nicodemus, Victor Creed, Raven Darkholme, John Howlett Jr., James Howlett, and Jonas Graymalkin.

Modern Days

There was an exponential increase in the mutant population during the 20th century. A popular explanation for this marked growth is the proliferation of nuclear technologies in the modern era.[citation needed]



Mutant Outing

... ... The mutant nation of Genosha was later stroke by the Wild Sentinels led by Cassandra Nova, prompting Xavier to out his school and himself as mutants.[1] Those two events themselves prompted other events in the mutant culture, mutant-human relations and violence. ...


Wanda Maximoff (Earth-616) from House of M Vol 1 7 001

The three word spell

Mutants grew sharply in number during recent years, but on M-Day the Scarlet Witch used her magics to depower approximately 91.4% of the world's mutant population,[2] leaving most without any trace of an X-Gene.[3] At this time, there were around 300 individuals who were recognized as mutants, with 198 registered by the US government.[4]



Stolen from the Inhumans, the Terrigen Mists were used by Quicksilver to mimic by or reactivate X-Gene granted abilities in several former mutants, but the effects were dangerous and temporary.[citation needed]

Messiah Complex


Second Coming


Avengers vs. X-Men

Avengers Vs X Men 12 Hope Summers Vs. Wanda Maximoff (No more Phoenix) cutted

The Phoenix Force came to Earth in order to claim Hope Summers as its host and to restore mutantkind. A conflict erupted between the X-Men who believed that the Phoenix was coming to save mutantkind and the Avengers who believed that the Phoenix was coming to destroy the Earth.[5] After much conflict, the X-Men, lead by Cyclops, were proven right. Hope Summers and the Scarlet Witch used the Phoenix to reverse the M-Day effect and new mutants began to emerge across the globe.[6]

After the dispersion of the Phoenix and the activation of new mutants, several mutants powers began to be adversely effected. Beast,[7] Colossus,[8] Cyclops, Magneto, and Emma Frost have all experienced some level of power instability, while Magik's powers were actually enhanced.[9]

Only a few former mutants have regained their powers lost on M-Day after the dispersion of the Phoenix.

Mutant Population

The mutant population have varied on Earth-616, climbing to millions and decreasing to a few hundred individuals.

List of Living Mutants

Here is a list of known, living, powered mutants, List of Living Mutants.

Powers and Abilities




Variable. Most do speak fluent English.

Average Strength level



Variable. Human intolerance and hatred. Affected by mutant designed weapons and disease (Legacy Virus, HX-N1). Lack of control over their powers.

Mutant Biology

The mutants, despite their human nature, feature many distinctive aspects in biology, physiology and genetics from their evolutive predecessors, but also within them.


Secondary Mutation

Secondary Mutation is a phenomenon in which an existing mutant gains additional powers, or a change in appearance.

Breeding & Cross-Breeding

The mutant breeding include notable implications, regarding to the transmission of the mutant genome, or to the hybridization with others species from human or alien species.


Alternate Reality Versions


Across the Multiverse, many incarnations of the mutants existed. The most recorded ones are similar or presumably similar to the Earth-616 : Homo sapiens evolving into Homo sapiens superior (commonly called Homo superior ), by the adding of a X-Gene in their genome from different sources. On others time-line, they are known as Homo mutandis (The Changed Man) on Earth-889,[10] or Mutantur (The Changing Ones) (also called Witchbreed) on Earth-311.[11] On Earth-2301, mutants are called Homo superior, but the telepaths Homo sapiens supreme.


Though in most of the universes, the X-Gene was presumably set by the Celestials, in the Ultimate Universe, the X-Gene is a creation of the US government weapons project in Canadian facilities. This reality's Wolverine was the first of those mutants, and was called the Mutant 0. This mutation is close to a virus, infecting the population slowly and turning them in mutants.[12]

Genetics settings

Others mutants, from Earth-TRN113, differed from mutants on Earth-616 in that their X-Genes are not on the 23rd chromosome, but instead on chromosome 13. Those mutants weren't affected by the M-Day and were invisible to Cerebra's detection, as it was only capable of locate a protein produced on a X-Gene on the chromosome 23. It was stated that it was possible that the chromosome 13th carrying the X-Gene had been genetically created for the scouts to stay hidden from devices such as Cerebra, but this statement was considered less possible as the alternate reality origin of those mutants was confirmed.[13]


In realities where others species rather than Homo sapiens ascend as the dominant species, mutants still exist, as most of them multiversal counterparts to their humans alternates.

Should also be mentioned the Acanti-like Xavier,[14] the Xavier demon[15] and the giant squid-like Xavier, although it is unknown if those Xavier were exceptions in their home-realities.[16]


The mutants can be divided into multiple categories, regarding to their origins, genetic status, powers, etc.


Habitat: Earth, primarily Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, but also New York City and other locales. Formerly concentrations in Utopia; San Francisco Bay, California; Genosha; Neverland, Canada; Mutant Town, New York
Gravity: 9.80665 m / s2
Atmosphere: Roughly 78.09% Nitrogen, 20.95% Oxygen, 0.93% Argon, 0.038% Carbon Dioxide, and small amounts of other gases.
Population: Less than 200 (before the Avengers vs. X-Men)


Type of Government: Individuals and group among human societies. Independent groups have oligarchic-bases governments.
Level of Technology: Technology level unknown.
Cultural Traits: Similar to human's culture. Please consult here some aspect of the Mutant Culture.


  • There is a clear distinction between mutants and mutated human.
    • Mutants are a species evolved from Homo sapiens sapiens and known as Homo sapiens superior. They are distinguished by the presence of an X-Gene.
    • Characters who gained their superhuman powers from other sources such as Radioactive Spider's, Gamma Radiation, Cosmic Rays, Magic, Super-Soldier Serum, etc. are NOT mutants. They are mutated humans.
    • The term mutant is often confused to intend or designate mutate, both by characters and by authors.
    • In the same way, they are sometimes confused with the Inhumans (an other humanity off-shot) or with the Warpies, children and babies mutated by unstable extra-dimensional energies. Those two kind develop random powers and appearances, as the mutants.


There is often a deal about if mutants are still humans or not:

  • Some believe mutants are only humans with an X-Gene,[citation needed] or a special kind of humans.[citation needed]
  • Others, humans or mutants, feel that mutants aren't humans, with or without a supremacist or hatred understanding.[17][18]


  • When asked if there was a way to distinguish Inhumans from mutants, Tom Brevoort (presumably joking) stated that all Inhumans were left-handed.[19]

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