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Fred Clemson
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Mobile (Germany, France USA)
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Nazi spy, assassin

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Heinz Kruger was a Hydra agent under the command of Johann Schmidt, better known as the Red Skull. When Schmidt heard that Abraham Erskine's Super Soldier Program was creating another subject in America, he dispatched Kruger to assassinate the scientist and eradicate any evidence of Abraham's work. Disguised as Fred Clemson, a U.S. State Department official invited to watch the results, Kruger uses a concealed bomb to destroy the research, before unloading a round of his luger pistol into Erskine, killing him.

However, Kruger was incapable of stopping Steve Rogers from being transformed into a super soldier, and was forced to retreat from the man who would become Captain America. On his way out, he hijacked two taxis, the first of which was stopped when Peggy Carter shot through the windshield and killed the driver, the second of which was pursued on foot by Captain America. Eventually Steve forced Heinz into a footrace, which Kruger took advantage of by kidnapping a small boy from the street, taking him into the harbor with the gun to his head. When Steve pursued, Heinz attempted to shoot him, but discovered he was out of ammo in his gun, causing him to throw the boy into the water below as a distraction. When Steve checked on the boy, he said he was okay because he could swim, and encouraged Rogers to get Heinz.

With his mission mostly complete, Kruger boarded an advanced Hydra Submarine. It was already submerged and swimming back to Germany, when Steve Rogers appeared outside the cockpit, shattered it and ripped Heinz out, dragging him back out of the water and throwing him onto the docks above. When Steve attempted to interrogate him, Heinz claimed that he was simply the first of many, and that when you cut of one head, two more grow in its place. Before Rogers could ask more detailed questions, Kruger bit down on a concealed cyanide pill in his mouth, killing himself for his cause.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Espionage, firearms, explosives, and aquatic vehicle driver.



Advanced Hydra aquatic mini-submarine


Astra 300 pistol, explosive cigarette case with lighter remote detonater,


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