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HelpHappy Hogan
Happy Hogan 01
Information-silkReal NameHarold Joseph Hogan
Information-silkCurrent AliasHappy Hogan
Information-silkAliasesHap, The Freak, Iron Man
Information-silkRelativesUnnamed grandfather[1]

Pepper Potts (ex-wife);
Jamie Carlson (son);
Unnamed adopted son;

Unnamed adopted daughter;
Information-silkAffiliationStark Industries
Information-silkBase Of OperationsStark Industries, formerly Stillman Boxing Gym
Information-silkIdentityNo Dual Identity
Information-silkMarital StatusDivorced
Information-silkOccupationEmployee of Stark Industries; former professional boxer and promoter, personal trainer, chauffeur, ranch owner
Information-silkHeight5' 11" ; 7'9" (as Freak)
Information-silkWeight221 lbs (100 kg) ; 789 lbs (as Freak)
Information-silkEyesBrown ; Black or red (as Freak)
Information-silkHairBrown ; None (as Freak)
Information-silkOriginA former boxer and nice guy.
Information-silkCreatorsStan Lee, Robert Bernstein, Don Heck
First AppearanceAppearance of Death
Tales of Suspense #45Iron Man Vol 4 #14
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Quote1 So long boss! You need me again... just call! Quote2
-- Happy Hogan src 

His sad-faced demeanor in the ring earned Harold the nickname of 'Happy' Hogan. His most notable opponent was Battlin' Jack Murdock. Happy retired saying he was getting 'too good at losing'; in fact, his nice guy attitude often cost him when it came to trying to knock out an opponent. He also became sparring partners with Eddie March until Eddie's own retirement.

Freak (Happy Hogan)

The Freak (Happy Hogan)

After retiring, Happy worked various odd jobs. One day at a racetrack, a new experimental car crashed. Ignoring the risk, Happy ran over and pulled the driver out. The man was Tony Stark, who had problems due to his chestplate running low. Happy turned down a monetary offer, instead asking Stark to hire him. Stark agreed and Happy became his limo driver and bodyguard[3] (although, as he claimed, he never had to drive Stark anywhere[4]). Happy also helped his old sparring partner Eddie get a job with Stark. Stark revealed he was Iron Man after the Titanium Man attacked and Happy was injured trying to help.

An accident with Stark's experimental 'enervator ray' turned Happy into the Freak. He was stopped although Stark had to repair damaged armor.

On one occasion when the Mandarin attacked, Happy put on the armor to help Stark. Although he was successful, the armor was damaged beyond repair and Stark had to scrap it for a new model.

Years later, Happy was one of the few with Iron Man armor experience and was asked by James Rhodes to help him against Ultimo. Happy's suit was damaged to where it was risky for him to continue to engage in combat, but he was able to carry Force and Eddie March to safety for medical attention.

1671087-happy hogan 4a iron man mk3

As Iron Man

Soon afterwards, Happy returned to working for Stark as his personal trainer and right hand man while Stark was recovering from serious nerve damage.

While working for Stark, Happy met his secretary, Pepper Potts, and fell in love with her at first sight[3]. Although Pepper had a strong infatuation with Stark, the two soon fell in love and wed. Apparently unable to have children, they adopted.

Financial difficulties and other troubles eventually caused Happy and Pepper to divorce while Stark was among many heroes believed dead after battling Onslaught. Happy began to feel that he was 'just a useless old bum'. A spy attempted to take advantage of him during this time.

Happy began having his own problems with alcoholism, leading to a confrontation with Tony at a bar. This was interrupted by an assassination attempt on Stark. He was convinced by Tony to continue to be a part of the company.

Like his employer, Happy was in favor of the Superhuman Registration Act. While en route to meet Pepper for dinner, Happy was attacked by the Spymaster (Sinclair Abbott), who wanted to use him as bait. Although he managed to knock Spymaster from a balcony overlooking where he had been left, Happy succumbed to his injuries. He was rushed to a hospital and placed on life support. Pepper told Stark a story of how Happy didn't want to end up brain damaged, and asked him to turn his machine off using his Extremis-abled abilities. Stark refused, saying he didn't want to kill his best friend. It is hinted that Tony later deactivated Hogan's life support, after a confrontation with Sue Richards.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Happy Hogan has no powers of his own but they are derived from the Iron Man Armor.

Power Grid [5]
Energy Projection*
Fighting Skills
* Lower intelligence, heightened strength, durability, and energy projection as Freak


Happy Hogan is a former professional boxer. He also has experience in a number of other jobs.

Strength level

Normal human male with intensive regular exercise. Formerly Superhuman Class 10.


The Freak possessed limited intellect and went on violent rampages.



Formerly Iron Man Armor Model 1 and later versions of the Iron Man armor.


Conventional automobiles, formerly flight using Iron Man armor.


Formerly Iron Man internal weapon systems.


  • "Happy" Hogan appears to be of Irish decent. He has/had a grandfather that lived in Ireland whom he has visited[1].

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