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Tree Man, Brother Gregor, The Imago
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Gradually turning into a sentient tree.
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Much of Gregor Smerdyakov (Russian: Грегор Смердяков) early life is unknown. He was born and raised in Russia. When his mutant powers began to manifest, Gregor emigrated to the United States to live with his sister, Mitya Smerdyakov, and seek help to suppress his mutant power.

Eventually, Gregor began taking medication to suppress his unusual mutant talent. However, once when he ventured into the underground[citation needed] with his friend, Nemesio without his medication, Gregor began evolving into a sentient tree-form when he fell asleep. After this incident, Gregor was cared for by his sister, Mitya, and her son, Mikhail, in Mutant Town.

Gregor Smerdyakov (Earth-616) 001
Gregor as a sentient tree
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For some short time, it was believed that Gregor died from this transformation, but it was later confirmed that he survived. Gregor was one of the few mutants to retain their powers after M-Day.[1]

It is very likely but unknown if Gregor died when Mutant Town was finally destroyed as a back-up plan by Arcade following his defeat. Arcade set a series of explosions which incinerated much of the neighborhood. Arcade also set up force fields preventing firefighters from entering the area until the entire district had been destroyed.[2]

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Gregor Smerdyakov is a mutant:

  • As he sleeps, Gregor gradually turns into a sentient tree.
  • In his sentient tree-form, Gregor bears fruit that activates latent mutant powers and enhances existing mutant powers.


  • As a sentient tree, Gregor is unable to move or care for himself and requires lots of space to grow.

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