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Goblin Formula

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Goblin Formula
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Globulin green, OZ, Goblin Serum
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The Goblin formula, additionally known as the OZ formula is a biogenic chemical compound made to augment the human body. After Norman Osborn had his business partner, Mendel Stromm, arrested for embezzlement he found in his notes a formula which could apparently augment a person’s body to superhuman levels. Norman began research on the formula, hoping to eventually sell it. Unknown to him his son had tampered with it to spite him. Consequentially the completed formula was unstable and exploded in Norman's face. He spent the next week in the hospital recovering. After finally regaining consciousness he found his mental and physical functions have been greatly enhanced. It was later learned that exposure also causes severe insanity which was the primary motivation for Norman taking the identity of the Green Goblin.

During Goblin Nation's takeover of New York City, Parker Industries managed to create a cure for the formula and its resultant madness.[1]

Alternate Realities

Spider-Man Films (Earth-96283)

Norman Osborn and he team created a human performance-enhancer for the military. After exposing himself to the experimental Oscorp performance-enhancing process, Norman underwent the same transformation as the earlier animal test subjects. He gained superhuman strength and durability as well as improved dexterity. Earlier tests suggested that the process increased strength over 800% but it was even more efficacious for Norman, who could punch Spider-Man hard enough to knock him back over two dozen feet with enough momentum to fell a metal lightpost that crossed his path and allowed him to suspend the weight of a cable car full of passengers with one hand. His improved reflexes and agility allowed him to easily defeat numerous police officers in hand-to-hand in a few seconds and to match the swiftness and acrobatic prowess of Spider-Man. Unfortunately for Norman, the same process also rendered him insanely violent and aggressive. These psychotic urges manifested as a new identity, the "Green Goblin".


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The Goblin Formula makes people insane and aggressive.

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