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Super Soldier Serum


A formula capable of enhancing human beings into "super soldiers." The exact formula given to Steve Rogers is unknown; there have been many attempts to duplicate it. According to Private Biljo White, a "Dr. Anderson" indicated that potassium was one of the chemicals used in its formulation.[1]

The Super-Soldier Serum, also called the Super-Soldier Formula, is the name for a process to increase the physical attributes of its recipient to the peak of human potential as in almost superhuman. Peak Humans are superior to any Olympic level athletes who have ever competed. Top athletes normally have one or two aspects close to, or a bit under, peak level. While peak human enhancements have all their capabilities like mind, strength, speed, durability, healing, eye sight, immune system, aging etc.. at the maximum level of human potential. Dr. Reinstein established that this potential is the next step in human evolution for regular man(non-mutant), a man from the coming decades. Meaning one day humanity will reach this level on their own, in the far future.

"Serum" is somewhat of a misnomer, as the "serum" actually consists of various processes. Characters that are considered by a enhancement true "Peak-Potential" are noted to be Captain America, Isaiah Bradley, Josiah X, Protocide, Union Jack (different SSS variant), and Black Panther (Wakanda-herb). Variations of the Super Soldier serum have been developed over the years which induced greater-mutations then Peaked human capabilites, one which even created the powerful Sentry.

But the more powerful variants come with strange side-effects that may also include mental deficiencies.

Those people who attempted to recreate the Super Soldier Serum had become something far more than an enhanced human and then became superheroes and supervillains.

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