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Quote1 A penny for your thoughts, Sue? Quote2
-- Namor, The Sub-Mariner

Appearing in "The End of the Fantastic Four!"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • New Yorkers
  • Cyclops (Only Appearance)[6]
  • An African tribe of Fireproof Natives (Only Appearance)[6]
  • Various celebrities (Bob Hope, Dean Martin, James Arness...etc.)




Synopsis for "The End of the Fantastic Four!"Edit

When the Fantastic Four go bankrupt, the news spreads even as far as Atlantis, where Sub-Mariner finds the developments interesting. Facing eviction, the Fantastic Four receive a letter from S.M. Studios to come to Hollywood to make a movie based on their adventures.

Arriving in California, the FF are shocked to learn that S.M. Studios is owned by the Sub-Mariner, who tells them that the offer to make a movie is legitimate (although this is in reality yet another ploy to destroy the male members of the group and try to win Susan Storm's heart.) Sub-Mariner sends each member of the FF out to fight a real threat under the notion that it's all a movie. Reed must face the Cyclops of myth, while the Human Torch must fight a cannibal tribe and the Thing must face Namor alone. While Reed and Johnny are stranded, they escape from their dooms, and the Thing loses his match against the Sub-Mariner when he temporarily turns back to human form.

They return to the S.M. Studio office to find Sue fighting off Namor's advances and force the monarch from the sea to stop. Defeated, Namor agrees to pay the Fantastic Four for their movie, and returns to the oceans. When the movie premieres it is an instant hit, and the FF make enough money to pay off their debts.


  • Reed had originally purchased only the top five floors of the Baxter Building, which were resold to the Leland Baxter Paper Company at this time. The FF continued on as renters until Fantastic Four #244 when Reed purchased the building outright.
  • This issue is reprinted in other comics and books, see references for more info.[7]


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See AlsoEdit

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