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Quote1 I want to own everything -- and I want it now!! Quote2
-- Gregory Gideon

Appearing in "A House Divided!"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Gregory Gideon Next (First appearance)
  • Gideon's business rivals:
    • Commander Vanvroot
    • Tamiroff
    • Favorshaw
  • Smedley, Gideon's assistant
  • Gideon's agents:
    • Berney
    • Agent R

Other Characters:




Synopsis for "A House Divided!"Edit

While the FF comment on the Thing's latest gift from the Yancy Street Gang -- A Beatles Wig -- greedy millionaire Gregory Gideon makes a bet with his competitors: If he cannot defeat the Fantastic Four within a week, he will forfeit his entire fortune to them, but if he succeeds he gains their wealth.

Gideon's plan starts off by convincing the Thing that Reed is really a Skrull imposter, and convincing Sue that Johnny is a robot imposter created by Doctor Doom. Although they clash with each other, they soon realize that they were tricked. Rushing to the Baxter Building, they are unaware that Gideon's men have setup Dr. Doom's time machine into the floor so that whoever crosses it gets sent to another time.

Gideon's plan ultimately fails because his son Tommy is a big Fantastic Four fan, and when he learns that his father is going to kill his favorite heroes the boy goes to the Baxter Building to warn them. What happens instead is Tommy walks through the trap, and although the Thing tries to save the boy, the two are transported to another era. While the FF round up the crooks and turn off the time machine, Gideon arrives and begs Reed Richards to bring back his son and is willing to pay anything to get his boy back. When the boy appears safe and sound, having been returned to the present when Reed turned off the device, Gideon realizes that in his mad quest for ultimate wealth he neglected the most valuable thing he had: His family.

After listening to an appeal from Gideon's wife, and Gideon swearing off his fortune to charity, the Fantastic Four decide to let the Gideon family go to rebuild their troubled family.



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