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Quote1 X-Men! Big deal! They're just a bunch of cornballs, if you ask me! Who'd they ever lick? Quote2
-- The Thing

Appearing in "We Have to Fight the X-Men!"Edit

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Synopsis for "We Have to Fight the X-Men!"Edit

As Alicia unveils a sculpture of the Thing, the Fantastic Four read the latest news reports of the X-Men. Coincidentally enough, the Puppet Master and the Mad Thinker have teamed up to get revenge on the Fantastic Four, creating a puppet of the X-Men's leader Professor X in order to use the X-Men as their tools of revenge.

Manipulating Professor X into ordering the X-Men to go and attack the Fantastic Four, they meet the FF at the Baxter Building under the pretense of making a visit to meet the group on friendly terms. A battle erupts between the two groups, however the X-Men are forced to flee, taking Sue hostage.

Tracking them back to the Mad Thinker and the Puppet Master's base, learning the truth the X-Men resist the Professors control over them until they can destroy the Mad Thinker's puppet of the Professor. The X-Men and the Fantastic Four then team up to fight off the Mad Thinker's Awesome Android, and with the help of Professor X's telepathic abilities deactivate the android. In the aftermath of battle the Mad Thinker and Puppet Master manage to escape, and the X-Men are ordered to return to base, leaving the FF to take the Awesome Android into their possession.


  • Sue Storm mistakenly refers to the X-Men as having defeated the Space Phantom. The Space Phantom was defeated by the Avengers in Avengers #2.
  • Cyclops' thought bubbles reveal that he was aware of the Mad Thinker's involvement before the Mad Thinker reveals himself to the X-Men. This appears to be an error.
  • The caption window states it was the Thing that destroyed the Puppet Master's puppet, when it was in fact Beast.
  • credits:
    • Written By.......Stan Lee (The Leader!)
    • Drawn By........Jack Kirby (The King!)
    • Inked By........Chic Stone (The Master!)
    • Lettered By.....Art Simek (The Letterer!)
  • references: Strange Tales #120 and Fantastic Four #15


  • In the letter column of this issue Stan Lee declares that Bruce Banner's real name is Robert Bruce Banner. This is in response to fans writing in and pointing out that he mistakenly referred to Banner as "Bob" in issues #25 and #26

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