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Quote1 So, until you feel you can treat me as an equal, I've made up my mind. I'm taking little Franklin... -- and I'm leaving! Leaving you -- leaving The F.F.! Quote2
-- Invisible Girl (Susan Storm)

Appearing in "Battleground: The Baxter Building!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Battleground: The Baxter Building!"Edit

With Ben and Medusa defeated at the Frightful Four's hands, the group plans their next target: The Baxter building. When the Sandman tries to kill Ben, Thundra stops him because she finds the Thing a worthy foe. While in the Hidden Land, the Torch confronts the Inhuman Royal Family and demands they let him see Crystal, however when they identify which tower she is staying in, the Torch speeds off before they can explain. Johnny fights his way into the tower and finds not only Crystal, but quite a shock.

Back in New York, Reed realizes that perhaps he should apologize to Sue for how he acted when the Frightful Four attacks him. When Sue does arrive with baby Franklin, Reed tells her to stay out of the battle. Although the group is overpowered, Franklin unleashes an unknown power that revives Ben and the others a they manage to turn the tide and fight off the Frightful Four, who are forced to flee the scene. After the battle, furious that she would only be considered the "mother of his child" Sue is fed up with Reed's attitude towards their relationship and quits the team until Reed straightens out his act. Even in spite of all this, Reed is insistent that the Fantastic Four will continue.

  • This issue is reprinted in other comics and books, see references for more info.[1]

    Solicit Synopsis:
  • The finish of the Frightful Four!

The separation of Susan Storm and Reed Richards begins at the end of this issue and they do not reconcile until the end of issue #149. However, Medusa's replacement of Sue on the FF roster goes from issue #131-#159.

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  1. This story is reprinted in the following comics/TPB's:

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