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Quote1 For so it has ever been in the universe. Every ending brings forth a new beginning -- Each beginnig must have its end -- Quote2
-- Uatu the Watcher

Appearing in "The Secret of the Eternals"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


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Synopsis for "The Secret of the Eternals"Edit

Contacting the Fantastic Four directly, the Watcher tells them the origin of the being known as the Overmind. He tells that the being is a member of a race of aliens called the Eternals, a war like race who's best warrior Grom was chosen to be the planets Champion of Champion. The Eternals would soon go to war against the planet Gigantus, however the planet proved too large to conquer, and the retaliation made by the Gigantian's soon over powered the Eternals. With their planet in the throes of self destruction, the Eternals all transferred their minds into the body of Grom creation the Overmind, who seeks to dominate the entire universe.

With the story told, Reed suddenly attacks his friends, under the Overmind's control, before escaping to join his new master, leaving his comrades to wonder what they should do next.

  • Cover art: modifications on the character's faces by Romita.
  • Plot by Lee, script by Goodwin.
  • This issue does not feature a letters page. In its place is an advertisement, with color cover reproductions, of Conan #10 and Defenders #1.

    Solicit Synopsis:
  • The origin of the awesome Over-Mind! Reed Richards turns against the F.F.! Talk about Marvel milestones!

  • No trivia.

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