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When Gambit and his team the X-Ternals would teleport to the Shi'ar galaxy to steal a shard of the M'Kraan crystal, Fang would be among the members of the Imperial Guard to try and stop them. Later when the X-Ternals would seek refuge with the Jonath, a Shi'ar/Mephitisoid hybrid (Jath'Che), Fang and the other Imperials would attack Jonath's hideout. During the fight, the M'Kraan crystal would crystalize the world they are fighting on and Fang along with his fellow Imperial's would be caught in it's effect.

Presumably, when the universe was re-stabilized Fang and the other Imperials were freed from the crystal, however his present fate remains unrevealed.

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See Fang (Imperial Guard) (Earth-616)#Powers

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