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Quote1 HULK!! IT'S THE @#%$&* HULK!! EVERYBODY RUN!! RUUUUN!! Quote2
-- Morph

Appearing in "Up North and in the Green" Part 1Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Up North and in the Green" Part 1Edit

Alpha Flight (Earth-901237)
Alpha Flight
PeteparkerAdded by Peteparker

Hulk is causing too much destruction in minor skirmishes across Canada, so Alpha Flight are given the job of capturing him. The Exiles come to help, but the Tallus tells them that most of the people trying to capture the Hulk will be killed or go MIA. Blink and Mimic share their first kiss, and Weapon X (Reality Jumpers) make their first appearance to try to capture the Hulk for themselves.


Weapon X (Reality Jumpers)
Weapon X
PeteparkerAdded by Peteparker
  • This story is reprinted in Exiles Ultimate Collection Vol. 1.


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