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Emma Marko

Emma Marko (Earth-96283)
Information-silk Real Name
Emma Marko
Information-silk Relatives
Flint Marko (ex-husband)
Penny Marko (daughter)
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First appearance

Spider-Man 3
Comic Book Showcase

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Emma Marko is the ex-wife of convicted burglar Flint Marko, with whom she has a daughter named Penny that suffers from an unspecified disease/illness. While they were still married, Flint was caught stealing to pay for Penny's medical treatments, and was sent to prison; while Flint was behind bars, Emma divorced him.

After escaping from prison, Flint briefly visits Emma and Penny's home, hoping to see Penny. As Penny sleeps, Emma coldly tells him to leave, worried that the police may show up and arrest him in front of their daughter. After their conversation wakes Penny, Flint says a short goodbye, and leaves Emma and Penny once again.

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