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Elaine Grey was the mother of founding X-Men member, Jean Grey and the wife of John Grey.

During the Inferno storyline, Elaine and her husband were temporarily transformed into demons by the Goblyn Queen, a clone of their daughter, Jean.

After the death of her daughter, Sara Grey-Bailey, and possibly her husband Paul, Dr. Grey and his wife Elaine took care of their grandchildren, Gailyn and Joey.

End of Grey

Elaine was the last member of the Grey family to be killed by the Shi'ar Death Commandos having survived the initial attack. She was protected by both Rachel and Psylocke and watched the deaths of all her family. She denounced Rachel as being her actual granddaughter before dying from an optic blast from Black Cloak that was meant for Rachel.

Grey Genome

Elaine, her sister Phyllis, and brother-in-law Roy Dennefer were the only members of the Grey family not to carry the Grey Genome. Their deaths seemed to serve no initial purpose. Phyliss and Roy were murdered so the Shi'ar Death Commandos could create an impenetrable shield. Elaine was killed by an attack meant for her grand daughter. They were seemingly killed at random.

Elaine's body seemed to be the only corpse that was not mutilated in any way during the massacre. It was Scott Summers who found his former mother-in-law's body shortly after her death.

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