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What If? Planet Hulk Vol 1 1 Solicit
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In this alternate reality, Caiera survived the shuttle explosion by being tossed out of the explosions range by the Hulk. Miek, maddened with sorrow dies trying to rescue the Hulk and thus his betrayal never comes to surface. Caiera proceeds to take all the Old Power from Sakaar and orders the Warbound to rally an army as they leave for Earth. Caiera uses a slave disk to enslave Black Bolt and forces him to use his sonic scream to kill Doctor Strange and the Sentry. She proceeds to kill all the other members of the Illuminati and anyone else who stands in her way until she is stopped by Hiroim who makes her realize that by killing innocents, there will be no one left to honor the Hulk. Twenty-one years later, Caiera has enslaved all the heroes and rules the Earth with an iron fist. She then forces the heroes to construct a massive statue of the Hulk.




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