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Doctor Doom (creator), Doctor Doom's robots (brothers)
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Robot servant of Doctor Doom
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Robot servant

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Doomsman II was created by Doctor Doom as a killing machine powered by the Power Cosmic Doom stole from Silver Surfer.
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Information-silk Place of Birth
Probably Doctor Doom's laboratory, Doomstadt, Latveria
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Doomsman II was created by Doctor Doom as a killing machine powered by the Power Cosmic Doom stole from Silver Surfer.

Doomsman II was defeated by the Surfer and the Fantastic Four and apparently was left without any energy. Doom kept Doomsman II in the lowest levels of his castle, waiting for a chance to store Power Cosmic again and re-awaken him.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Robotic construction providing protection due to the materials used. Cannot be affected by mind attacks, emotional attacks or illusions aimed towards human eyes.
  • Power Cosmic: The root can channel the Power Cosmic, only to things he can see. Shown powers include:
    • Eyes from his eyes.
    • Temporal improvement of any of his skills.
    • Survival without water or air.
    • Energy detection throughout the whole planet.

      Strength level

  • Super-human, comparable to an angry Hulk.



  • There is a device needed to provide Doomsman with the Power Cosmic.


  • The Doomsman appears in the video-game Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. It is one of Doom's more powerful robots, used to guard his Latverian castle. Von Doom built at least six Doomsmen. In the game, Doom has no access to the Power Cosmic, so probably those Doomsmen used a modified design, with a different energy source - probably the power Doom had stolen from Odin. Although powerful, Doomsmen were not "bosses" - that is to say, they were only high-level "cannon fodder."

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