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This scale helps put distances mentioned in Marvel comics in perspective. Examples of things you might find listed here are how far Hulk can jump from a standing position, distance to the Moon, or how close Hulk could get throwing you to the Moon.

Although some of these figures have been known to change from comic to comic, other values are static and unchanging, such as the distance from New York City to Toronto.

1 Inch

2 Inches

3 Inches

4 Inches

5 Inches

6 Inches

7 Inches

8 Inches

9 Inches

10 Inches

11 Inches

1 Foot

2 Feet

3 Feet

4 Feet

5 Feet

6 Feet

7 Feet

8 Feet

9 Feet

10 Feet

20 Feet

Wolverine: (Avarage jumping distance: 26 feet)

30 Feet

X-23 (Avarage junping distance: 32 feet)

40 Feet

50 Feet

60 Feet

70 Feet

80 Feet

90 Feet

100 Feet

200 Feet

300 Feet

400 Feet

500 Feet

600 Feet

700 Feet

800 Feet

900 Feet

1000 Feet

Mister Fantastic (Fully stretched) 1500 feet

2000 Feet

Abomination (Jumping distance)

3000 Feet

Hulk (Average jumping distance)

4000 Feet

5000 Feet

6000 Feet

7000 Feet

8000 Feet

9000 Feet

10000 Feet

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