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Hood's Gang , formerly leader of a gang of criminals
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Criminal, former holography technician

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He was a Holographic technician who wanted to become a costumed criminal.
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Comic Book Showcase

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Desmond Charne was a Holographic technician who always wanted to become a costumed criminal.

Flashback of Charne's life
Ec1974Added by Ec1974

He and his gang began robbing weddings including that of Betty Brant and Ned Leeds where he was defeated by Spider-Man[1].

Mirage also tried to attack the Thing when he was in Hospital but was defeated by Daredevil.

He later went to a meeting of costumed criminals at the Bar with no name, where he spoke with Letha of the Grapplers. Scourge was disguised as Jake the Bartender and killed Mirage along with all the other costumed criminals there.

Mirage was one of the seventeen dead super villains resurrected by the Hood in order to kill the Punisher but the Punisher shot him, and he was believed to have died again. In reality he survived and spent some months in a coma before awakening. He is now in a support group for former villains.[2]

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Expert at Holographic projections.

Strength level

Normal human strength.


  • A proto-husk version of Mirage appeared Deadpool #0.
  • Captain America wore Mirage's costume in order to trick and defeat Scourge.

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