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Demon from the Deep

Demon from the Deep (Earth-616)
Information-silk Real Name
James (Last name unknown)
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Demon from the Deep
Information-silk Relatives
Two brothers (Only Fred named)
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Demon from the Deep (Earth-616) 001
NausiatedAdded by Nausiated
The man who became the Demon of the Deep was named James, he was a member of a wealthy family with his two brothers (one of whom was named Fred). In 1952, the three brothers inherited the family fortune and went on a cruise together. James became greedy and murdered his two brothers with a knife so that he could claim the family fortune. However Fred's dying screams alerted ship security forcing James to flee. James attempted to jump overboard but was shot by one of the guards and fell over the side instead. James was believed to be dead, but his actual fate was something much more horrifying.

Shortly thereafter, James emerged from the waters now a massive green hued creature. Unaware of his transformation and seeking to take cover until the cruise was over, he ran into Venus who was also aboard the ship while she was on a late night stroll. James attacked her and attempted to strangle her but her cries for help were heard by her lover Whitney Hammond. Whit managed to pull Venus away and demanded to know what the creature wanted. James explained what had happened to him and then approached the couple bent on killing them. Catching his reflection in one of the port holes, James realized what he had become shocking him long enough for Venus and Whitney to make a break for it. As they fled from James, Venus tripped over a body on the deck allowing the killer to catch up to her. However, this time when James attempted to grab her he had become immaterial.

James was then horrified to see that the body that Venus had tripped over was his own, and that he was dead from a gunshot to the head. Realizing the truth, the so-called Demon from the Deep then discorporated from the mortal plain.

When ship security came upon the scene they were confused as to how James' body got back aboard the ship when they clearly recalled it falling overboard.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Through some unknown means when James died his spirit manifested into a physical form called the Demon from the Deep, a massive green skinned humanoid form with the mossy appearance of a corpse that has been under sea for a long time. For a short period of time, he had phenomenal strength.


The Demon's strength and physical form seemed dependent on his belief that he was alive and still his normal self. As soon as he became aware of his physical transformation he began to weaken and become immaterial, and eventually phased out of existence upon seeing his dead body.

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