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M-Day, Mutant Decimation[1]
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Event Synopsis

"November 2nd. 3:00 PM in the afternoon. ~The date and time of Mutantkind's Decimation[citation needed]


After altering reality so mutants were the dominant race, the Scarlet Witch then changed reality again, this time attempting to rid the world of the mutant gene. 91.4% of the world's mutant population lost their powers overnight.[2]

Immediate attacks

The Sapien League took advantage of the situation by attacking the mansion and any mutants attempting to reach it.[citation needed]

The X-Corp office of Paris was bombed, and Cyclops consequently dissolved the organization.[citation needed]

The 198 at the Institute

The Xavier Institute became a haven for those who still had their mutant powers, many of them attempting to escape persecution. Against the wishes of Institute professors Emma Frost and Scott Summers, the government assigned Sentinel Squad O*N*E to protect the mansion and its inhabitants.[citation needed]

Mutants at the Institute rallied around the number "198", an early government estimate of how many powered mutants were left in the entire world.[citation needed]

The Ghoul

Reporter Sally Floyd interviewed a number of de-powered mutants for her Mutant Diaries report. However, a serial killer calling himself the Ghoul murdered several of those whom she interviewed, leaving "Not enough died" as a marker. The Ghoul was eventually killed in an explosion during an attempt to capture him by the X-Men. Given the nature of his teleportation powers, it's possible that the Ghoul survived.[citation needed]

M-Day Energy Effects


The energy previously possessed by the mutants was orbiting Earth after the events of M-Day. While passing some orbiting rocks, the energy awakened Vulcan (Gabriel Summers).[citation needed]

The Collective

Eventually leaving orbit and entering atmosphere, the energy was absorbed by the Collective.[citation needed]

Mutant Town tore appart

X-Factor has to face both with Rictor's powers loss, and the first step of Mutant Town end, shattered between sad or happy depowered mutants and anti-mutants activists.[citation needed]


Other events were directly influenced by the Decimation:

Endangered Species

Frightened by the end of mutantkind, Beast went on the search for a cure.[citation needed]

Onslaught Reborn

Somehow, Onslaught was brought back to life, and chased Franklin Richards to Counter-Earth.[3]


Effects on mutants and X-Gene

The X-Gene was erased from the Depowered Mutants, without any trace.[4] Depowered mutants were detected as Humans.[5][6]

The Decimation was supposed to have affected each DNA's mutant, even separated from his source: Mutant Growth Hormone (MGH) provided by lot of mutants was revealed to be inert, as their origin mutants were depowered. On the other side, Whirlwind's MGH was still active while himself kept his powers.[7]

A clone of the Blob was produce, while his clonal source was depowered.[citation needed]

Effects on Multiverse and non-natives Mutants

Almost all mutants from alternate realities residing in the Earth-616 reality retained their powers (i.e. Bishop, Dark Beast, Rachel Grey, Sugar Man, etc.),[8] but this was just a coincidence,[citation needed] since Jon Spectre lost his powers.[citation needed] There also appears to be some confusion about M-Day's effects on the Multiverse.

According to Forge there were no more mutants in the entire Multiverse. Using a combination of Cerebra's and Nimrod's technologies, he showed to Beast that Age of Apocalypse's, Nimrod's and Bishop (Earth-1191)'s timelines were shut down or empty of mutants. Only two futures with active mutants were discovered later: Earth-1191 (which was earlier "shut down") and Earth-6124. However, Forge was obviously incorrect, as numerous alternate universes with powered mutants have been discovered since, especially by the Exiles.[citation needed]

Reversing the Effect

While the M-Day effect was initially thought to be irreversible, some methods proved more or less effective in restoring mutant powers. Please consult the Repowered Mutants and the ways they got their powers back.


In concordance with the High Evolutionary, Magneto was able to construct a machine to restore his powers, using the Dreaming Celestial and the product of what they called "a Celestial lobotomy". The machine however, was not only nearly impossible to construct but extremely dangerous. The process worked, and Magneto regained his mutant powers at the cost of the machine itself.

Apocalypse managed to restore the powers of Polaris (depowered by M-Day) after turning her into a Horseman. It was believed that Apocalypse simply gave her powers similar to her old ones through other means, but he seemingly managed to re-activate Polaris's X-Gene.[9]

Reality Manipulations

After one of Legion's rogue personas, dubbing itself Moira, altered reality to create a world of constant war and struggle where he was a hero, some aspects of this reality bled through into the real world after Legion restored it. One of these aspects were the powers of Chamber. In this reality created by Legion, Chamber once again had his mutant powers in their old state, and upon returning reality to it's original form, Chamber kept his restored powers.[citation needed]

After falling into the M'Kraan Crystal and drifting into the White Hot Room, Professor Xavier regained his telepathic powers upon emerging.[citation needed]Wanda Maximoff was able to reverse the M-Day effect on one mutant, Richtor. After losing the source of her enhanced powers, the Life Force, however, Wanda was unable to reverse it for anyone else.[citation needed]

Hope Summers and Phoenix

The return of mutant messiah Hope Summers to the present triggered the first activated mutations since her own and M-Day. It is believed that this, along with Hope's unique ability to stabilise these mutants, were an extension of her relationship with the Phoenix Force.[citation needed]

The Phoenix Force travelled to Earth to claim Hope Summers as its host in order to reverse the Scarlet Witch's curse. It did so successfully, after Hope used its powers to re-ignite mutations across the world.[citation needed]

List of confirmed powered or depowered mutants post-M-Day

Known Powered Mutants

Known as the 198 (which also was the name of a group of mutants gathered into the Xavier Institute).

Among the unnamed powered mutants are to be counted Gargouille's boyfriend[10] and a fire-breather,[11] both killed by Predators X. Utopia[citation needed] and Ravencroft Asylum for the Criminally Insane[citation needed] also appeared to had various unidentified mutants.

Known Pre-M-Day Deceased Powered Mutants

Although Beast and Dark Beast have found none X-Gene in dead bodies of mutants in Genosha, so some dead mutants lost their powers,[citation needed] Some dead mutants (in Neverland Genosha and other places) kept them.[citation needed]

Please consult the Known Pre-M-Day Deceased Powered Mutants.

Known Depowered Mutants

Please consult the M-Day Depowered mutants.


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