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Death Seed

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Death Seed
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The Death Seed is an artifact of Celestial design and was created as one string of a number of cosmic relics forged by the Celestials. The Celestials give the Death Seed to select individuals who were charged by the Celestials with the goals of aiding natural evolution of superior species on worlds. The individuals ascend in power and strength, but their minds become so twisted to the point that they will see death as something beautiful that make space for something new to come and will not have any problem in killing million if not billion of living being to achieve their goal. The infected by the Death Seed had the singular duty of ensuring the rising of a superior species such as Mutants that could only be achieved by the elimination of an inferior race such as Humans and failure to do so meant that the Celestials would eventually arrive and eradicate the entire planetary population of the failed experiment.

Apocalypse, one of those who agreed to be the instrument of the Celestials on Earth to ensure the natural evolution of superior species, is known to had held a number of Death Seeds in his possession. Using these, he transforms individuals into the Horseman of Death. When Apocalypse dies, one individual implanted with the Death Seed will ascend to succeed him. This happened with Archangel.

Death Seed implanted into Psylocke
Psylock being implanted with the Death Seed
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After the death of Sanjar Javeed Archangel needed a new Death so he needed a new Death Seed to choose his successor and went before the Dreaming Celestial in order to acquire a new Death Seed. When asked by Dark Beast would who would he choose as his successor Archangel would comment that the choice was only natural in that he would select Psylocke. The process would transform her into the latest incarnation of Death until the Age of Apocalypse Jean Grey used her powers to remove that persona and return Psylocke back to normal.


  • The only way to break the influence of the Death Seed is to implant the infected person with the a Life Seed. However, the Life Seed will also destroy the original persona along the Death persona and start a new persona.


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