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William Lincoln (Earth-616)
Willie Lincoln
Daredevil!! Did you say Daredevil -- is here -- to see me?
Conversation Tail
Matthew Murdock (Earth-616)
You know it, soldier!
Conversation Tail
William Lincoln (Earth-616)
Willie Lincoln
Bro-ther!What a time for my eyes to cut out on me!
Conversation Tail
Matthew Murdock (Earth-616)
You're not missing much, Willie! Just a pair of crazy long-johns, that would look as good on you as me!
Conversation Tail

Appearing in "Brother, Take My Hand!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Brother, Take My Hand!"Edit

While visiting the troops in Vietnam, Daredevil meets with Willie Lincoln, a soldier who was blinded during a tour of duty. When Lincoln tells Daredevil that he used to be a New York cop, but was discharged because he was forced to accept a bribe, Daredevil suggests that once he gets back stateside Lincoln should look up Matt Murdock and take him on as a lawyer. When Lincoln does return to the States, he does eventually manage to get Murdock as a lawyer, who clears Lincoln's name, and gets him his job back. That night, Matt and Daredevil protect Lincoln from attackers who have come for revenge for his recent victory in the case.



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