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Concordance Engine

Information-silk Official Name
Concordance Engine
Information-silk Universe
Information-silk Current Owner
Information-silk Previous Owners
Prester John, unnamed Prester[1]
Information-silk Creators
Matt Fraction; Terry Dodson
First appearance


According to Prester John, the Concordance Engine is a reality-warping device, that can shape time, space and universes. It is the heart and soul of a universe, the map of everything, and if it would be destroyed it will lead to the destruction of the universe.[1]

There are at least five such devices. One was hidden beneath the Wundagore Mountain, and guarded by Prester Omega. The Defenders stole this device and transported it and Prester to New York in Stephen Strange's Mansion.[2] The second was used as an engine for Captain Nemo's Nautilus.[3] Third, once was guarded by Prester John, but he lost it.[1] One was discovered by the Prince of Orphans and his companions in the North Pole. Another was turned by the Prince into King Solomon's Frogs


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