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Proven Omega Level and Omega Class Mutants.
A character can only be added to this category if they have a reference for when they were 'outed' as an Omega Level or Omega Class Mutant.
Includes characters who were Omega-Level mutants but seemingly/obviously aren't anymore, as Emma Frost who was stated to be Omega while possessed by the Phoenix, or Nate Grey who is currently at a very low power-level.
Omega Level Telekinetics, Telepaths or Healers are not considered to be automatically Omega Level Mutants.
(See those in the subcategories)
This category lists the characters who are "Omega-Level Mutant Threats" like the Phoenix-powered Emma Frost[1], but not those who are both mutants and "Omega-Level Threats" like Ana Soria[2], who are listed among the Omega Level Threats
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  2. Amazing Spider-Man #672

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