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Information-silk Real Name
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Andre Frost (father, deceased);
M'Shulla (husband);
Andre Scott (son);
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Information-silk Identity
Information-silk Marital Status
Information-silk Occupation
Molecular biologist, Rebel

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Comic Book Showcase

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Carmilla Frost was a molecular biologist who was captured by the Martian Masters after they had conquered Earth. Ater they killed her father, they forced her to clone him. Because his cells had already deteriorated, the clone came out incomplete. She named the creature Grok, because the name meant some sort of hope for her[1]. Grok and Carmilla were freed from their captivity by Killraven's Freemen and they joined the group[2]. She eventually fell in love with M'Shulla Scott[3].


  • Carmilla Frost and M'Shulla were the first interracial couple in a mainstream color comic[3].

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