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Carlton LaFroyge
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Hindsight Lad
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Formerly New Warriors
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Student; former tactital advisor for New Warriors

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Carlton discovered that his neighbour, Robbie Baldwin, was secretly the New Warrior Speedball. He blackmailed his way onto the team by threatening to reveal Robbie's secret ID.
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The apartment building in which Carlton and Robbie Balwin lived as neighbours was taken over by the Darkforce. While trying to help his neighbours, Carl stumbled across a scrapbook identifying Robbie as Speedball. An avid fan of super-heroes, Carlton promised Robbie he would not reveal his secret if he was allowed to join the team, as a non-powered assistant. Robbie, and the Warriors, grudgingly agreed, but mostly ignored Hinsight's help.

Carlton debuts as Hindsight Lad
DarkhawkAdded by Darkhawk

However, this changed when the core members of the team were kidnapped and displaced through time by the Sphinx. With the regulars MIA, Carlton, with the aid of Bandit (New Warrior Silhouette's boyfriend), brought together a replacement team of New New Warriors. During this mission, Hindsight Lad would go on actual field duty with the team, even devising a method for Alex Power to transport the team to Egypt. After the events of this book, the roster underwent some scrutiny by sometime team leader Night Thrasher, and he determined that Hindsight Lad proved to be a valuable strategist/analyst.

After this, Carlton took on a much more active role on the team, helping decode messages and working general strategy. He eventually dropped the "Lad" off his name, and redesigned his outfit because he felt it was time he "matured." At one point, Carlton broke into the secret HYDRA base operating underneath Warriors headquarters, but he outsmarted the Pearl Sect (a rag-tag team of ex-HYDRA officers at best) and with the aid of the Warriors defeated them.

New Warriors Vol 1 49
Hindsight Lad and the New New Warriors
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He also caused some trouble for the team when he used Avengers funds and fudged a few order forms in order to get new costumes for both himself and Justice, a hero outfit for Timeslip, and Warriors comm-badges. The Avengers hunted down "Mr H. Lad," but after the misunderstanding was cleared up, Captain America agreed to let Justice and his team keep the new materials. The last Hindsight was seen, he had been offered to share the Turbo armour with Mickey Musashi, but this has never been followed up on.

During the Civil War, Hindsight betrayed the New Warriors by leaking their secret identities on the Internet, and after this was discovered he got kicked off the team for good.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Power Grid [1]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills


Expert strategist, computer wiz.


  • Hindsight was the first to believe Rina Patel's "future-visions," and is responsible for having designed her costume and having given her the "hero name" Timeslip.
  • Hindsight Lad released his secret identity on the internet as well, causing a crowd to burn a message on his lawn, despite that he was the one running the site himself. Yet, he was claiming that he wished to distance himself from the warriors. He might have done this to throw suspicion off himself.

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