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* [[Rio de Janeiro]]
* [[Rio de Janeiro]]
* [[São Paulo]]
* [[São Paulo]]
* [[Brasília]]
* [[Fortaleza]]
| Residents =
| Residents =

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Federative Republic of Brazil

Brazil 002
Information-silk Official Name
Federative Republic of Brazil
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Location Details
Information-silk Galaxy
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Information-silk Planet
Information-silk Locale

Information-silk Dimensions
8,514,877 km2
Information-silk Population


20th Century

In 1941 the Mato Grosso region of Brazil became the site of civil unrest with the local Jivaro head-hunters and the spread of a potent disease created by the Deviant Pluto. American scientist were dispatched to the area to find a cure and were assisted by the Eternal hero Hurricane who battled the Jivaro and forced Pluto to flee while a cure was developed, wiping out the plague[1].

As World War II progressed, many Nazi prisoners of war were placed in camps in Brazil. In 1943, Nazi agent Baron von Widemouth broke free from one such camp and attempted to poison Allied soldiers stationed in the country with Luwsite gas. This plot was foiled by Captain America and Bucky[2].

Modern Age


Alternate Realities


In Earth-9047, the Watcher put a big placard (visible from space) in Brazil, announcing that he was selling property there.[3]

Points of Interest


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Brazil is the world`s fifth biggest country.

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