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Bradley (full name unknown)

Bradley (Hunter) (Earth-616)
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Bradley (full name unknown)
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New York City, New York; Belgian Congo
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Bradley was a game hunter who traveled into the wilds of Africa to finds animals to sell to zoos and circuses back in the United States. Coming across the hunting camp of Rajah Sarput he became interested in purchasing Sarput's latest capture the lion known as Zar. Sarput refused to sell the animal, prompting Bradley to hire natives to help him steal the lion instead. Bradley loaded Zar aboard a ship bound for a zoo in America unaware that Zar's "brother Ka-Zar had come aboard to recover his "sibling"[1].

However, Ka-Zar made his presence known in attempting to free Zar, and Bradley stopped the jungle man's attempt by threatening to shoot him with a gun. Bradley attempted to capitalize on the capture of Ka-Zar as well. However, the jungle man broke himself and Zar free, and they jumped overboard as the ship neared New York[2].

Bradley's subsequent activities remain unrevealed.

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