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Information-silk Real NameUnknown
Information-silk Current AliasBlue Celestial
Information-silk RelativesRed Celestial (bretheren)
Information-silk AffiliationCelestials
Information-silk CitizenshipCelestial
Information-silk OriginCelestial (Cosmic Being)
Information-silk UniverseEarth-616
Information-silk CreatorsTom DeFalco, Ron Frenz
First Appearance
Thor #424
Comic Book Showcase

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The first ever documented Celestial that was seen born. It was made from the genetic material of Eric Masterson and Hercules, and the Black Galaxy, a place where Ego the Living Planet, snuffed out all of the stars. After leaving with the giant Celestial Host at the Black Galaxy it was encountered again by the High Evolutionary, the goddess Sif and the god Balder. Its duty was to keep Ego the Living Planet at bay while it and his brothers awaited the arrival of the Awe-Inspiring Super Ego. Once the creature appeared and crushed Ego, The Blue Celestial and its older brethren attacked The Super Ego with full force. However, The High Evolutionary has suspicions that they were trying to help the Super Ego in some way...not destroy it.

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