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Beyonders 001
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Ivory Kings, Sinnu Sarrum, White Lords from Wild Space
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Quote1 There is a war underway between two separate forces: The Ivory Kings and Rabum Alal. From what I have witnessed they both want the same thing -- and it is the same reason you are here -- the destruction of everything. Quote2
-- Dr. Strange


Quote1 Ivory Kings. White Lords from Wild Space. From out there... From beyond... I found... The Beyonders. Quote2
--Yellowjacket (Hank Pym)[src]

The Beyonders are a near omnipotent alien race from another universe. They first came to the attention of Earthlings when they hired the alien Sphinxor to steal Counter Earth for their museum of curiosities.[1]Their dimension was later revealed to be the power source of the Cosmic Cubes.[2] Sentient Cosmic Cubes include Kubik, the Shaper of Worlds and the Beyonder.[2]

The Beyonders commissioned the Nuwali to create the Savage Land, and created the Fortisiquians to be colonizers.[3]

With the birth of Rabum Alal, the Beyonders became a faction in the Game of Worlds and appeared to be crucial to events surrounding the impending collapse of the Multiverse and the Incursions. Dr. Strange claimed that the Beyonders, called Ivory Kings, were in direct competition with Rabum Alal to destroy the Multiverse.[4]

The pan-dimensional library that the Black Swans operated out of was created by the Beyonders. Interestingly the Black Swans were loyal to Rabum Alal, rival to the Ivory Kings. The Black Priests appear to oppose both the Beyonders and Rabum Alal and are only destroying alternate Earths to save the universes being threatened by the Incursions.[5]

Soon after being hunt down by the Avengers, the Illuminati sent Yellowjacket on a mission across the Multiverse to find Rabum Alal. Eight months later, Pym returned, having found the Beyonders.[6]

Yellowjacket had witnessed as the Beyonders had annihilated the Celestials, Eternity, Infinity, Lord Chaos, Master Order, the In-Betweener and finally the Living Tribunal across all of the Multiverse.[7]

Later on, the Beyonders killed all of the Multiversal Avengers when they tried to find them.[8]

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