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The Baron, Force Commander
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Mobile throughout the Microverse, especially Homeworld (particularly the Body Banks);
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Despotic ruler of the Microverse; formerly Chief Scientist and Overseer of the Body Banks

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Extradimensional (Microverse) mutate/cyborg
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Baron Karza hales from the Homeworld, a planet in the Microverse. He was the former chief scientist was a genius in biological engineering. He bribed Homeworld's citizens with the promise of eternal life via his Body Banks. Not everyone was unhappy with Karza's new reign in the beginning, but Karza's de facto rule of Homeworld was enforced by his Dog Soldiers and bioengineered creatures. Many former Karza supporters eventually lent their aid to the rebellion against him.

In his own communion with the Time Travellers, Baron Karza realized that what he sought was more than mere power. Though his science had effectively made him immortal, his essence and emotions were still that of a man. Although Karza transcended his organic body and became a being of pure energy, Karza refused the Time Travellers' offer of godhood.

Karza re-evaluated his philosophy and concluded that true godhood could not be obtained without understanding what one needed to experience in order for one's soul (as opposed to one's mere body) to transcend physicality. Thus, Karza, in committing one unspeakably inhuman act after another, believed he would become indifferent to the concept of wielding power over the living. Thus, he accepted the choice to return to a mortal body so that he could relish conquest.


Although the late-70s timing of the original Baron Karza toy figure appeared as something of a Darth Vader knockoff, it was based on the mold of the anime super robot, Steel Jeeg (not part of the original Microman toy line, but the toys for the show were manufactured by Takara, which made the Microman toys).

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