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Francis Ketch (adoptive mother), Naomi Kale (mother), Barton Blaze (father), Dan Ketch (brother), Johnny Blaze (brother), Jennifer Kale (distant cousin), Noble Kale (ancestor, bonded to as Ghost Rider)
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Barbara Ketch was the daughter of Barton Blaze, and sister to Johnny Blaze and Dan Ketch. On Halloween night, she and her brother Danny went to Cypress Hills Cemetery because she wanted pictures of psychics trying to contact Harry Houdini. Instead, they got caught in the middle of a deal gone sour between men working for the Kingpin, and Deathwatch and his men. During the fight, Barbara was noticed and shot in the chest with an arrow by one of Deathwatch's ninjas. The shot rendered her unconscious, so she was oblivious to her brother's transformation into the new Ghost Rider, yet it was in this form that he extracted her from the fire fight and left her at St. John's Hospital.[1] But before she could recover from the wound, she was murdered by Blackout, who by then had become her brother's arch nemesis.


Barbara Ketch was destined to be the inheritor of her half of her bloodline's piece of the Medallion of Power. With her passing, the medallion transferred to her younger brother Dan. The alternative history where Barbara gains the power of the medallion is explored in What If? Vol 2 #45.

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