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Information-silk Real Name
Artur Zarrko
Information-silk Current Alias
Information-silk Aliases
Boris, Zarrko
Information-silk Affiliation
Associate of T.I.M.E.; Hyperstorm
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Time traveller
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Information-silk Place of Birth
Somewhere in the US
Information-silk Created by
Comic Book Showcase

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Quote1 He's reallocating the world's resources in a fair and responsible manner. But that isn't what worries you most. He's removed dictators -- involved himself in politics, and you're afraid he'll come after you next. You're right. He will. I know this for a fact. Quote2
-- Zarrko src 

Dr. Artur Zarrko was a brilliant evil scientist from the future, who built a time machine to escape from his peaceful 23rd century and visit more primitive periods, like USA in the 1960s, where nuclear weapons could be stolen easily. His first plan to travel to the past and steal a cobalt bomb was foiled by Thor and he lost all his memories[1].

He returned once again, after Loki had restored his memories, accompanied by a mining robot from the future and forced Thor to travel with him to the future[2], where the Thunder God would be his slave, enabling him to take over the world. Thor escaped his control, however, and Zarrko was put in prison[3].

Zarrko's plot was revealed to be a plan to save humanity. In his future, Thor, had separated from his human self, Jake Olson, and lost his ability to understand humanity. Because of this, Thor became more and more oppressive and imposing, and believed that ruling humanity was the only just thing to do. Zarrko knew that in his future, Thor would become a tyrant, so he had to travel back in time and stop him before the Odin Force made him invincible and near-omnipotent.

Zarrko 01
Artur Zarrko, The Tomorrow Man
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When the Governments of Earth launched a massive assault on Asgard, Zarrko tried to escape with his time machine, only to be stopped by Thialfi.

Zarrko's attempted time travel was instrumental for Thor to create for himself a new future in which he would never be the tyrant he would have been without his human self.

Zarrko later returned disguised as Boris, a manservant to Kristoff Vernard, the heir of Doctor Doom, who had become a member of the Fantastic Four following the "death" of Mister Fantastic. He was soon exposed but used his time machine to cause chaos in the building by bringing in various heroes and villains from the past and the future to fight it out. He later escaped, deciding that all he wanted was a quiet place and plenty of food.

Zarrko's next appearance showed him to be a prisoner under the custody of S.H.I.E.L.D. for almost two decades when he dropped out of nowhere and tried to steal nuclear materials from them. When the space-time continuum was broken, a new sub-division of S.H.I.E.L.D. calling themselves T.I.M.E. was established with the objective of dealing with timestream-related threats. They soon found itself with a group of time-traveler opportunists called the Chronarchists attempting to modify the history for their benefit. With the help of Zarrko, T.I.M.E. sent the Hulk in a mission through time and space in order to stop them.[4]

Powers and AbilitiesEdit



Power Grid [5]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills


Artur Zarrko was a scientific genius in many fields, including Biology, Nuclear Physics, Robotics, and Electronics. He was also a gifted engineer.

Strength level

Normal human male with no regular exercise.



Time-scope The time scope is a designed device designed by Dr. Zarrko, it allowed him to peer through time.

Time Cube The Time Cube is a time travel machine created by Dr. Zarrko, it allowed him to travel between the 23rd Century and the 20th with ease.

Radical Time Stabilizer A device that allowed Zarrko to absorb the power Mjolnir.

Mining Robot
Dr. Zarrko used a 23rd Century Mining Robot, to help with his battle with Thor. It was created to mine so had great strength and durability, compared with 20th century technology.


The Servitor was a giant robot with great strength capable of discharging concussive energy. It also was modified to realease time missiles which contained "chronal radiation" which allegedly reverses the flow of time.


Zarrko has designed a number of devices, such as various weaponry including force field projectors and radiation guns.

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