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Arkady Rossovich (Earth-295) death
Wounded by Domino
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Arkady was simply referred to as Rossovich, a black market arms dealer. He became the target of Apocalypse's assassins Domino and Grizzly, who were seeking information about a possible unknown telepath in the Midwest. When he proved unable to provide the two with any information, Domino impaled him through the heart with one of her swords.[1]

Though the injury seemed life threatening, he in fact managed to survive, and after Apocalypse's downfall, came to rule over the former Ukraine and various parts of Eastern Europe. When Weapon Omega (Logan) rose to power, Omega Red refused to work with him, simply not responding to his communications at all. Weapon Omega had the Shadow King seeking to overpower Rossovich's telepaths, but pulled him from that task after deciding he didn't want his war to be too easy.

Ruler of the East

At some point, Omega Red seized control of Russia, setting himself up as ruler of the east. This put him into conflict with the new Apocalypse, Weapon Omega. While outright war or conflicts have yet to break out, it is only a matter of time.

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