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Professor Vanko, Ivan Vanko
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Arthur Vanko (nephew)
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5' 8" ; 5'11" in armor
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165 lbs (75 kg) ; 230 lbs in armor
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Bald, (black moustache)
Information-silk Origin
A proud man and an expert on electricity, Professor Vanko created an armor that would make its wearer a 'human dynamo'.
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Unrevealed (Somewhere in the USSR)
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Anton Vanko designed an armor controlled by electromagnetism. With its red covering, he named it the Crimson Dynamo. The Soviet government asked him to use his armor to serve them. On his first mission, he was sent to sabotage Stark Industries, but was convinced to stop by a young Anthony Stark. Next, he designed the Unicorn's helmet and harness with is power horn and instructed the russian agent in its use[1].
Anton Vanko (Crimson Dynamo) (Earth-616) 001
Professor Vanko, employee of Stark Industries
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A few years later Vanko returned, sent by soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev, and battled Iron Man. Vanko defected to the United States after learning the Soviet government planned to kill and replace him. He was immediately hired by Stark[2].

Boris Turgenov and the Black Widow were sent to kill Vanko and reclaim the armor. Turgenov stole the armor and began to use it. Vanko used an experimental laser he had been working on to battle Turgenov. Unfortunately the weapon exploded, killing both Vanko and Turgenov[3].

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Vanko possessed no inherent superhuman powers. All powers were derived from the Crimson Dynamo armor.


  • Scientific Genius - Professor Vanko was a brilliant engineer and one of the world's foremost experts on electricity and electromagnetism. Counted among his many achievements was the Jet Paralyzer.

    Strength level

Without his armor, the Crimson Dynamo possessed the normal human strength of a man of his age, height and build who engaged in minimal regular exercise.


Without the armor, Vanko possessed all of the conventional vulnerabilities of any normal human. Though the armor was durable, it was poorly insulated and the circuitry was particularly vulnerable to short outs if exposed to water.



Crimson Dynamo Armor MK I: The Crimson Dynamo's armor was an electrically powered, computer-assisted carborundum-matrix alloy exoskeleton equipped with a number of offensive weapons that granted Vanko superhuman abilities.

  • Superhuman Strength: The armor increased Vanko's physical strength to superhuman levels allowing him to lift approximately 1 ton.
  • Superhuman Durability: The metal alloy that the armor was constructed of provided Vanko much greater resistance to physical injury than an ordinary human. The armor could withstand high caliber bullets, falls from great heights, and great impact forces without sustaining damage.
  • Electronic Circuitry: The Crimson Dynamo's armor was equipped with an array of miniature electrical generators that allowed him to generate and manipulate electrical fields for a variety of effects:
    • Electrical Blasts - The Crimson Dynamo could project high-frequency lightning-like discharges of electrical energy from his gauntlets to a maximum distance of approximately 100 feet.
    • Electrical Override – The Crimson Dynamo could uses his armor's circuitry to electromagnetically control nearby electronic devices.
    • Disruptor Field – The Crimson Dynamo could use his armor's circuitry to generate electromagnetic interference capable of disrupting the function of nearby electronic devices.
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  • Crimson Dynamo translates roughly into Russian as "Krasnyi Dinamo" ("Красный Динамо"). Krasnyi means Red in Russian and Malinovyi Dinamo & Karmazinnyi Dinamo mean Crimson Dynamo is Russian. Bagrovyi Dinamo & Bagryanyi Dinamo means Crimson or Purple Dynamo in Russian.
  • With the release of Iron Man 2, and the introduction of Whiplash, a 616-version of Whiplash was introduced in Iron Man vs. Whiplash #1, by the name of Anton Vanko. However, he has no relation to the Crimson Dynamo Anton Vanko.

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List of Appearances:

  • Tales of Suspense #46 - First appearance. Sent by Nikita Khruschev to conduct acts of sabotage against Stark Industries and to defeat Iron Man. Was defeated in battle by Iron Man and tricked into defecting to the United States.
  • Tales of Suspense #52 - Dies protecting Stark Enterprises
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