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Anthony (Brain tumor) (Earth-1610) with Iron Man armor 001
Information-silk Real Name
Information-silk Current Alias
Information-silk Relatives
Tony Stark ("progenitor")
Information-silk Affiliation
Ally of Tony Stark and the City
Information-silk Base Of Operations
Tony Stark's brain, various
Information-silk Alignment
Information-silk Identity
Information-silk Citizenship
Information-silk Marital Status
Information-silk Education
Has all knowledge of Tony Stark

Information-silk Gender
Information-silk Eyes
Information-silk Hair
Information-silk Unusual Features
It's a conscious brain tumor
Information-silk Universe
Information-silk Place of Birth
Tony Stark's brain
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Quote1 I've got a secret weapon, Richards. You were just too blind to see it. When I said I was buddies with my brain tumor... it wasn't a joke. Quote2
-- Tony Stark src 
Anthony (Brain tumor) (Earth-1610) human manifestation
Anthony's manifestation
ADourAdded by ADour
Anthony is the alias given by Tony Stark to his brain tumor, which came to have a separate consciousness from Stark. He's a parallel processor who can interface with technology, manifesting in the form of a young Stark, and can be "seen" only by Stark himself or Artificial Intelligences.

He managed to convince the City, controller of the Children of Tomorrow's base, to rebel against the Maker, allowing Anthony to use the City's parts to assemble a giant Iron Man armor which he used to fight the Maker and a giant Hulk. [1]

Anthony later assisted the Ultimates in the Civil War. He helped disarm a nuclear missile fired from the Republic of Texas at New York City. Anthony harmlessly splash landed the nuclear device in the Hudson River.[2]

After Reed Richards discovered one of the Infinity Gems was stored in Tony Stark's brain, he ordered Quicksilver to kidnap him. When doing so, Quicksilver killed Anthony as he uncovered Stark's brain with the gem intact.[3]

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Anthony is a sentient brain tumor capable of communicating with technology and Tony Stark, because of being a part of his brain. He has his own consciousness separate from that of Tony Stark, and the two can act independently, not even needing to be near each other. His physical body is only an image imposed on the minds of those he communicates with.



Formerly Giant Iron Man Armor.


Various repulsor and conventional weapons.


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