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Annihilus is a unique entity.
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Sector 17A of the Negative Zone
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Megalomaniacal conqueror

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Insectoid appearance; bat-like wings
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First appearance

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The past history of Annihilus on Earth-9997 presumably matches that of his Earth-616 counterpart.

With the death of Death, Mar-Vell would use the remaining items he collected to create a new realm called Paradise. This realm would be for those in the Realm of the Dead admitted that they were truly dead. Those admitted to this realm would be given a portion of the Cosmic Cube to consume, and they would be granted with the power to create a reality that would be for each person be their ideal paradise.

But as more souls entered Paradise, it began to expand and consume entire worlds within the Negative Zone. Annihilus and Blastaar would blame Reed Richards and use the Negative Zone Portal to attack the Earth. Arriving in the Baxter Building, Annhihilus, Blastaar and their followers would crash a tour of the Baxter Building. This would lead to a clash against the Law, the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Heralds. The would ultimately end when Reed Richards would come to investigate the anomaly in the Negative Zone.

It was later revealed that Paradise was not expanding, but a barrier that was intended to push out the Elders of the Universe and prevent Earth-9997 from any manipulations. As Mar-Vel's plans came into fruition, the barrier expanded across the entire universe. It is presumable that Annhilius and the other citizens of the Negative Zone returned to their home, however their ultimate fate is unrevealed.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Presumably similar to Earth-616 counterpart


Presumably similar to Earth-616 counterpart



Presumably similar to Earth-616 counterpart

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