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Quote1 ...well I've got a little thing called the Parkour luck! Quote2
-- Screwball

Appearing in "The Money Shot"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Money Shot"Edit

Spider-Man is chasing Screwball,the worlds first live streaming super-villain, after she has robbed an off track betting parlor. Somehow she is able to outrun him and puts it down to Parkour a type of urban gymnastics. With the thought of losing track of her, Spider-Man fires a Spider-Tracer at her which lands on her shoulder. Suddenly Screwball lands on the ground and calls out to two police officers that she has robbed this off track betting parlor hoping that they will arrest her. She mainly wants to be arrested is that she believes that Spider-Man has marked her for death with his Spider-Tracer just like what has been written in the DB. Unable to convince the Police and everyone else that he is innocent, and after a bystander throws a hot dog at him, Spider-Man leaves the scene and heads for the DB.

Once at the DB Peter Parker hopes to sell some pictures of Spider-Man chasing Screwball, but due to her popular live streaming website many people had already emailed pictures in. Dexter Bennett takes Peter aside and says he would be better off to take photos of celebrities doing the wrong things starting with Tiranic star Bobby Carr. In return for Paparazzi pictures Bennett offers Peter a two million dollar paycheck to influence him.

Meanwhile somewhere outside J. Jonah Jameson, on doctors orders, is taking a Tai Chi class to keep his mind off the loss of the Bugle. Suddenly Jameson looks up and sees a billboard of Dexter Bennett next to a Spider-Man poster which starts him off, kicking and punching, trying to hit both of the pictures on the billboard. As the rest of the Tai Chi class run away officers Gonzales and O'Neill show up. Gonzales tells Jameson that he knows who he is and that he used to read Jameson's editorials all the time. Jameson responds that Gonzales is a credit to his uniform. As O'Neill and Gonzales walk away , Gonzales mentions to O'Neill that he may have a new roomate in the form of Carlie Cooper's friend Peter Parker.

Later that night Parker is on a mission to get photos of Bobby Carr for Bennett. Carr's publicist had told the press that Carr was going to stop by the Deep End Club on Mulberry Street so Parker, waiting behind a cordened off red carpet, tries in vain to get some photos. He then slips under the barriers and tries to take some pictures of Carr as he goes into the club when one of Carr's bodyguards , Tank, stops Parker and sends him away.

Peter then decides to climb up the wall and in through a skylight to hide above the special VIP section waiting to get the perfect daming shot of Carr. Peter having waited a little while sees his opportunity when a waitress, Edith Harper[1], at the club asks Carr to sign his autograph. In reaction to this Carr tips over the tray ,on which the drinks she is carrying, at the waitress and Peter manages to get a good shot of all this event unfolding. Carr sends both his bodyguards Tank and Brenner to grab Peter, but he uses his spider-agility to escape from them to another part of the Deep End club where it so happens his friends Harry Osborn and Lily Hollister happen to be there dancing.

Harry almost saves Peter from getting thrown out of the club but then finds that Peter is there just trying to take celebrity photographs and disowns him. Although Peter is thrown into a trash dumpster and his camera broken he finds the memory stick still in tact and heads back to the DB. As he walks away his spider-sense doesn't notify him of a person who steps out from the wall and watches as Bobby Carr leaves the club in a huff saying that no one knows him. The mysterious figure announces that she understands him.

Back at the DB Bennett loves the photos that Peter has taken and wants to expose Carr for the phony that he is. Joe Robertson stays to talk to Peter about how Dexter Bennett reminds him of Jameson and that Peter seems to have an agreement with Spider-Man on taking photos. Then Peter as Spider-Man swings off thinking about the money he has earned and the pictures of the celebrities he will take.
Later at his aunt May's house, in Forest Hills, May disapproves of his new career path as Peter is packing to move out and that he should be following his degree in science which is what he is good at.

While he speaks about how taking photos of celebrities is a victimless crime, the mysterious figure from outside the nightclub turns up at a newsstand and wants to buy all the copies of the DB that the newsstand is holding. The story ends with the mysterious woman heading back to her apartment and pinning the new 'treasure' on the wall and saying how much her and Carr are good together.


The waitres is unamed but revealed as Edith Harper in the next issue.


  • Tiranic the movie mentioned in which Bobby Carr stars is most likely a cross between the films Titanic and Jurassic Park

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