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Appearing in "Gang War, Part I: ... And Who Will Stand Against Them...?"Edit

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Synopsis for "Gang War, Part I: ... And Who Will Stand Against Them...?"Edit

A photographer takes shots from the warehouse rafters as a melee takes place between smugglers, the Blue Boys, Spider-Man, and Hobgoblin. Later, Peter walks in on a midnight Bugle session discussing a new gang war; criminal leaders all vying for the disappeared Kingpin's position. Peter tries to sell photos of the warehouse fight but finds Lance Bannon has scooped him. An irrational Ned Leeds grabs Betty's wrist, setting off Peters spider-sense. The Arranger, representing the Kingpin's interests, hires Jack O'Lantern to destroy Silvermane's robot body, taking him out of the action. Keating and his police arrest the Rose's assistants Johnston and Varley as they collect protection money. Soon after, Spider-Man spies Keating meeting with Roderick Kingsley, then runs into a gang battle. Deciding he doesn't care, Spider-Man leaves. Meanwhile, a bomb, planted by the Arranger's men, goes off beneath Hammerhead's restaurant table. Just after, Richard Fisk visits the Arranger. Hearing of the bombing, Spider-Man gets involved again. Betty comes home to find Flash hiding out there. From a rooftop, the Punisher guns down the Hobgoblin.


  • Plot by DeFalco, script by Owsley.
  • Frenz credited with "storytelling", i.e. layouts, Breeding with pencils.
  • This issue features a letters page, The Spider's Web. Letters are published from Dave Kinder, Pat Finnerty, Eric Small, D.R. Smith, Paul Swaida, Paul W. Greer, Elio DiPaolantonio, and Jeff Fritts.


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