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Appearing in "The Goblin's Always Greener...!"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Goblin's Always Greener...!"Edit

Continued from last issue... The Green Goblin has captured Spider-Man as he is rushing to the hospital to sign forms for Aunt May's operation. After toying with the wall-crawler, the Green Goblin then dumps Spider-Man, literally, in a dumpster where he's found by mobsters who try to take him to Silvermane. Spider-Man revives and fights his way to freedom. Changing back to Peter Parker, Spidey rushes to the hospital just in the nick of time. He is however, chewed out by Mary Jane for taking so long to get there to sign for his ailing aunt.

Meanwhile, the Green Goblin returns to his hideout to taunt his hostage once more before departing to eliminate Silvermane so he can get control of the crime rackets. Back at the hospital, Peter waits for Aunt May's surgery to be completed, he is consoled by Mary Jane, her Aunt Anna, and Joe Robertson. As Peter learns that Aunt May is going to pull through, he also hears of the Green Goblin attacking Radio City Music Hall and rushes there.

Changing into Spider-Man, Peter gets into the middle of a fight between Silverman and the Green Goblin. When the Goblin tries to get away on his glider with Silvermane as his prisoner, Spider-Man tries to stop them. However, the Goblin's glider malfunctions and Spider-Man's web line busts, sending all three men falling from a fatal height.

Finally, in the Goblin's hideout, his hostage breaks free, and it turns out that it's really Harry Osborn, and he is furious.

This story is continued next issue...


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