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Information-silk Real Name
Information-silk Current Alias
Information-silk Alignment
Information-silk Identity
Information-silk Citizenship
Information-silk Marital Status

Information-silk Gender
Information-silk Height
Unknown (8' in armor)
Information-silk Weight
Unknown (1250 lbs. in armor)
Information-silk Eyes
Blue, (red in armor)
Information-silk Hair
Information-silk Origin
Stole the rhino suit from the Military
Information-silk Universe
Information-silk Place of Birth
Somewhere in America
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Under unknown and classified circumstances, the man who became the Rhino stole an experimental suit of armor from the U.S. military. Using the suit's incredible strength, the Rhino robbed a Manhattan bank, charging the vault head-first and destroying it. He then rampaged through a busy street attempting to make his escape, destroying anything in his path, including police cars, with ease. While Spider-Man raced to the scene, Iron Man arrived, stopped the Rhino's assault and captured him. The Rhino was taken into military custody.[1]

Peter Parker & Alexander O'Hirn (Earth-1610)
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Sometime later, the Rhino rampaged through the Brooklyn Naval Yard, battling the police and Spider-Man, who seemed to be more of an annoyance than a threat, constantly evading the Rhino's clumsy blows. After knocking Spider-Man clear across the street into an office building, the Rhino was confronted by the U.S. army, who were hoping to retrieve his experimental armor. Spider-Man used the distraction to sneak up on the Rhino and rip his armor open, sabotaging its internal circuitry and knocking him out. The Rhino was taken into military custody.[2]

Months later, by the time of the Nimrod Crisis, he battled Captain America and the army, before being defeated by the new Spider-Man, who used his Venom Blast to create a short cut in his suit.[3]

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


The Rhino's experimental suit of armor gives him superhuman strength and durability, allowing him to crush a bank vault and motor vehicles with little effort, but makes him extremely slow and limits his range of motion.


None known

Strength level

Rhino has 5th level superhuman strength range between 25-75 ton range


None known

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