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Ahmet Abdol (Earth-616) from Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 376
Information-silkReal NameAhmet Abdol
Information-silkCurrent AliasLiving Monolith
Information-silkAliasesLiving Pharaoh; Living Planet
Information-silkRelativesAlex Summers (Havok) ("brother" via X-Gene transfer);

Filene Abdol (wife, deceased);
Salome Abdol (daughter, deceased);

Leila O'Toole (Plasma) (niece)
Information-silkAffiliationFormerly The Twelve, Cult of Living Pharaoh
Information-silkBase Of OperationsCairo, Egypt
Information-silkIdentityPublic Identity
Information-silkMarital StatusWidowed
Information-silkEducationHigh Education
Information-silkHeight5' 11" as Abdol;
26'0" to 41' (8 meters to 12.5 meters) as Living Monolith
Information-silkWeight170 lbs (77 kg) as Abdol;
68.4 tons (62 metric tons) as Living Monolith
Information-silkEyesRed White
Information-silkOriginMutant via Havok's X-Gene transfer
Information-silkPlace of BirthCairo, Egypt
Information-silkCreatorsArnold Drake, Don Heck
First Appearance
X-Men #54
(March, 1969)
(Living Pharaoh)
X-Men #56
(May, 1969)
(Living Monolith)
Marvel Graphic Novel #17
(October, 1985)
(Living Planet)
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Quote1 Yes -- I was indeed -- he who was called -- the Pharaoh! But now -- I am more -- much more! Now I am he -- who shall restore -- the glory that was! Now -- am I -- the Living Monolith! Quote2
-- Living Monolith src 
X-Men Vol 1 55 001

Early Life

The immortal mutant Apocalypse encountered the non mutant variant Ahmet Abdol and deemed him to be a broken, beaten man of great potential but without direction. Apocalypse acquired a sample of Alex Summers' (who would one day become the X-Man called Havok) DNA, insuring that its coding had been modified for his purposes, and had Mister Sinister graft it to Abdol. The experiment was only partially successful and resulted in an unexpected and quite unusual symbiotic relationship wherein Abdol's power was split between them and not shared.[1]

Abdol was a professor of ancient Egyptology when he discovered he had the ability to manipulate cosmic energy, mainly by absorbing it and projecting it as energy blasts. Deciding to use his powers for his own personal gain, Abdol created a cult around himself and set about his plan to rule the world.

X-Men Vol 1 56

Abdol discovered that Alex Summers could absorb and project cosmic energy more easily then Abdol could. Abdol kidnapped Alex and used him to increase his power. Abdol found a way to screen Summers' body from ambient cosmic radiation, permitting his own body to attain its latent potential. Abdol was transformed into the Living Monolith, a gigantic mutant with vast cosmic power. The Monolith was defeated while in combat with the X-Men when Alex's latent mutant powers surfaced under the stress of entombment within the mechanism designed to screen him from cosmic radiation.[2][3][4] Abdol was captured by the Sentinels[5][6][7] but escaped.[8]

Abdol later stole the Ruby Scarab and battled the Living Mummy.[9] [10][11]

Later, Havok and his girlfriend Polaris were attacked by henchmen of The Living Pharaoh. After arriving in New York, Spider-Man came to their aid and accidentally knocked The Living Pharaoh into a containment unit that was to be used to make Alex a living battery to amplify the Pharaoh's powers a million fold, and he was transformed into the Living Monolith again. He was beaten by Spider-Man and Thor.[12][13]

Later, using the Cheops Crystal, he became the Living Monolith again. He battled Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Cyclops, Storm, and Nightcrawler.[14][15]

He has also used other super-heroes, including the Fantastic Four (who gained their super powers from exposure to cosmic rays). He even killed his own daughter to achieve his goal. Abdol went on a rampage, and several heroes attempted to stop him. Eventually Abdol grew so large that Thor had to throw him into outer space, where the Living Monolith eventually became a Living Planet, similar to Ego.[16]

Abdol was then found floating in space by Deathbird and Bishop .[17] Deathbird betrayed Bishop[18] and with the help of the Skrulls brought Abdol to his cult and Apocalypse[19] who was able to revive him.[1]

... [20]

The Living Monolith battled Spider-Man.[21][22]

Ahmet Abdol (Earth-616)

Apocalypse wanted to use the Living Monolith to drain the powers of other super-beings. He made a bid for cosmic power by assembling "The Twelve" - a group of mutants who would determine the fate of their kind that included The Living Monolith, Cyclops, Phoenix (Jean Grey), Iceman, Professor X, Storm, Magneto, Bishop, Polaris, Sunfire, Mikhail Rasputin, Nate Grey, and Cable. To secure a new host body, Apocalypse sought to collect the mutants he required to carry out his plan and siphon the awesome energies of "The Twelve". They were wired to a machine that would channel the Twelve's awesome energies into Apocalypse, allowing him to absorb the body Nate Grey.[23][1][24] As his teammates fell around him, a powerless Scott saved Nate and merged with the would-be conqueror to create a new evil entity. Jean detected Scott's psyche inside Apocalypse and prevented the X-Men from destroying him, however, he was presumed dead by most of his teammates .[25] The Monolith fled with Apocalypse.[26][27]

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Ahmet Abdol (Earth-616) 002
  • Cosmic Energy Manipulation: As the Living Monolith he had the ability to emit cosmic energy as blasts of concussive force from his eyes. Abdol could only utilize his mutant powers as the Living Monolith and could transform into the Living Monolith only when cosmic radiation was channeled into his body through a focusing medium, such as the Cheops Crystal, or when cosmic radiation was prevented from reaching his counterpart, Havok.[28][29] [30][31][32][33][34]
    • Energy Absorption: The Living Monolith has been genetically altered by splicing his own mutant genes with those of the mutant X-Man Havok. This modification allows him to absorb large amounts of cosmic radiation - although as Havok absorbs the same radiation, the Living Monolith's powers can be limited when Havok absorbs background radiation (or other suitable energy sources) that might otherwise be used to fuel the Living Monolith.[28][29] [30][31][32][33][34]
    • Energy Blast: Although Havok projects absorbed radiation as energy blasts, the Living Monolith had a broader range of powers. He is able to project energy as intense heat, a concussive force, or sonic vibrations. Stored energy also affects his physical form - increasing his size, mass, strength, and resistance to injury, and granting him an indefinite lifespan. Although there appears to be no clear upper limit to the amount of power he can absorb, it is also possible to overload his powers.[28][29] [30][31][32][33][34]
  • Telepathy: The Living Monolith has additionally demonstrated low-level telepathic abilities enabling him to read minds and take complete mental control over small crowds of people.[28][29] [30][31][32][33][34]


Abdol has a gifted intellect, and is an expert archaeologist and Egyptologist, with a Ph.D. in archaeology. He is also an advance student of genealogy, human mutation, and the effects of cosmic radiation.[28][29] [30][31][32][33][34]

Power Grid [35]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills



Abdol wore body armor of unknown materials.


As the Living Pharaoh, he wielded a hand-held ankh capable of projecting bursts of concussive force.


  • The Living Monolith's history was retconned. It was revealed that Abdol's powers did not spring from an inherent mutation, but rather from a procedure performed on him by Mister Sinister. Sinister spliced certain x-genes from Alex Summers into his genome, thus giving Abdol the ability to absorb cosmic energy. Since his powers were genetically similar to Havok's, this explained why their abilities interfered with one another.
  • The Living Monolith's early appearances were reprinted in various comics.[36] [37] [38]
  • As a prominent villain of the X-Men the Living Monolith appears in various flashbacks.[39][40][41][42]

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