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Achille DiBacco (Earth-616) 0001
Information-silkReal NameAchille DiBacco
Information-silkCurrent AliasBird-Man
Information-silkAffiliationFormerly Hood's Gang, Ani-Men
Information-silkIdentitySecret Identity
Information-silkOriginSuper-powered suit
Information-silkPlace of DeathThe Bar with No Name, Medina County, Ohio
Information-silkCreatorsMary Jo Duffy, Gene Colan
First Appearance
Daredevil #157
Comic Book Showcase

Episode 18

Episode 18 - Drunktective Comics 2716:14

Episode 18 - Drunktective Comics 27

Episode 18 - Drunktective Comics 27

Drunktective Comics #27

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The original Ani-Men had died fighting Iron Man under orders from Count Nefaria. Achille DiBacco was recruited by the Death-Stalker to become a member of the new Ani-Men, alongside with Roy McVey (the new Ape-Man) and Sebastian Patane (Cat-Man). Lacking any super-power, they were provided with super-powered suits.

The Death-Stalker intended to use the Ani-Men to fight Daredevil and his lover Black Widow. The Bird-Man was defeated by the Black Widow and sent to jail. This saved DiBacco's life because the Death-Stalker killed McVey and Patane for their failure.

DiBacco retained his Bird-Man identity and might have used it to commit additional crimes. He was contacted by Gary Gilbert, a former costumed criminal turned business agent for criminals. Gilbert was worried about the Scourge of the Underworld, a masked figure who was killing costumed criminals such as Gilbert and DiBacco. Gilbert organized a meeting in the The Bar with No Name, Medina County, Ohio, to discuss potential counter-attacks. As the Scourge was known to use weapons instead of powers, weapons were to be left at the door. However, the Scourge infiltrated in the meeting disguised as the bartender and shot down all the seventeen criminals including Bird-Man, wielding a cut-down .50 sub-machine gun in each hand. Bird Man and the other criminals killed by Scourge were later resurrected by the Hood in order to kill the Punisher.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit





Wings in the suit allow him to fly at excellent speed


The Bird-Man had a powerful blaster

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